Berlitz Linz offers a wide range of English classes that can be tailored to suit your needs. Join our English-speaking course, learn business English or provide the right support for your child to progress in English. We have a perfect team of qualified and native-fluent instructors who will undertake your English course and teach you how to master the most spoken language in the world.

English courses for all levels

Berlitz Linz offers English classes from level 1 to 10 according to our proficiency level scale. Whether you’re a beginner or have a more advanced level of English, there’s always a good reason to progress further!

Learning English at Berlitz Linz

Discover our language center

A 5-minute walk from the cathedral, our school is located on Landstraße, one of the most prominent streets in Linz. It’s easily accessible via public transport: Mozartkreuzung tram stop (line 1, 2, 3 and 4) is located right in front of the school. There are also 3 underground car parks nearby subject to a fee (Mozart car park, Park Inn and WKO).

If you arrive earlier you can use our Wifi for free to work or you can prepare your upcoming lesson with our books, dictionaries and magazines. A coffee machine is also at your disposal.

Why learn with Berlitz

We combine over 100 years of experience with the latest linguistic research to provide you with a high-quality education supported by native-level instructors dedicated to your success.

Within our school in Linz we take an immersive approach to learning, so you spend over 80 percent of your class time actively speaking and practicing English. This means you get real-world experience using the English language in a supportive environment with instant feedback.

Benefits of learning English with Berlitz

  • The English language can open many career and social opportunities across the world.
  • As one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, English is indeed highly beneficial when traveling, especially in places like America and the United Kingdom.
  • If you’re looking to study in a primarily English-speaking university, having a practical understanding of the language will help you navigate your classes, connect you to your peers, and help you make friends.

Online English classes

If you are unable to attend our English courses in one of our centers in Linz, you can enjoy the same high-quality personalized instruction through Berlitz online. We offer the same variety of one-on-one, small group, solo and intensive courses, online, so that you can develop a strong set of English language skills from your desk, lounge, or wherever you happen to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer preparation courses for A-level exam, but also for other English exams and certifications such as TOEIC, TOEFL or Cambridge.

Our English courses are based on the Berlitz Method, which is built on immersion principles. The focus is on spoken communication, meaning that from day one, you’ll hear and speak English during your course.

Yes, Berlitz Linz offers intensive classes, also called Total Immersion. It’s perfect if you want to learn English fast as this is the quickest and most efficient way to master a new language.

Find out more

Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.