When most adult learners start a language class, their primary goal is being able to communicate effectively in the new foreign language. The proven Berlitz Method for teaching languages will engage you from your very first lesson and will have you speaking your new language much sooner than you think!

Language classes for all learning styles

In your language course for adults, you’ll only speak and hear your target language. Whether you are looking for Spanish classes or English for adults, this immersive experience allows you to overcome any inhibitions about speaking and apply your new skills to everyday situations. Our courses are designed for adults who wish to learn to communicate effectively in their chosen language. Whether you need to study Spanish because you are moving to Spain or to advance in your career – learning a new language or improving your skills allows you to experience the sense of achievement that comes with challenging yourself. Every bit of progress motivates you to keep going.

Build professional skills in our Berlitz seminars

Complementing our adult language courses, our broad range of business seminars helps in keeping you one step ahead of the pack. We offer open, interactive, online instruction in soft skills as well as professional in-house seminars in intercultural, management, and leadership skills to help you master global challenges more effectively. This combination of language skills, intercultural competence, and leadership abilities gives you a genuine advantage and prepares companies for meaningful international collaboration.

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