1. Definitions
2. Scope of the terms and conditions
3. Concluding a contract
4. Right to withdraw
5. Products Berlitz supplied
6. Products on www.berlitz.com/es-es/
7. Changes
8. Results
9. Cancellation
10. Reimbursement
11. Prices and terms of payment
12. Credit card - security
13. Data protection
14. Rights
15. Transfer of rights
16. Breach of contract
17. Court of jurisdiction
18. Company details

1. Definitions:

1.1. The "products" / “services” provided cover the language courses and all the products and services offered for sale by Berlitz.

1.2. The definition of "User" refers to both natural and legal persons who buy or have bought Berlitz products with us and any other person who uses these services .

2. Scope of the terms and conditions.

2.1. These terms and conditions of business shall constitute the basis for the purchase of the services/products offered, unless Berlitz and the user agree otherwise in writing.

2.2. The Berlitz standard terms and conditions do not apply to the online services between Berlitz and the user.

3. Concluding a contract.

3.1. The user will find the products/services for sale on the website.

3.2. From a legal point of view, the website is only a platform to present products and services.

3.3. If the user wishes to purchase a Berlitz product/service on this website, they can do so from our online store.

3.4. The agreement is only valid when Berlitz has accepted the offer by sending a confirmation email. In the case of individual training, Berlitz contacts the user by telephone or e-mail to conclude when the product/service should be delivered. For open group courses / group instruction, the user will be informed about the specific group in question.

4. Right of Withdrawal.

4.1. Provided that the user is a consumer, he/she may return the product (except CyberTeachers if the student performs the Online Audit) within 14 days from the date the user has received an email confirming the purchase of a product/service through our Berlitz website. Returns must be sent to: Cea Bermudez, 50. Or by email to atencion.clientes@berlitz.es.

4.2. If the service has begun before the right of withdrawal has expired, the User, by accepting these conditions, accepts that the right of withdrawal will be applied in a manner proportional to the consumption made.

4. Products Berlitz supplied.

5.1. Private classes, semi-private classes, open or closed group classes, Total Immersion, Crash courses, Berlitz Meeting Point, Berlitz Virtual Classroom, CyberTeachers, Telephone classes, classes for children in all its forms (virtual or face-to-face), Blended Learning, One day Workshops.

5.1.1 Lesson planning, schedules and programs related to the product/service are agreed upon between the user and Berlitz.

5.1.2 Each lesson lasts 40 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break.

5.1.3 The user has the right to modify or cancel the scheduled lessons until 3 p.m. on the previous working day. If it is a Monday, the cancellation must be made on Friday before 3 p.m. If the user cancels too late or fails to show up, he will be charged for the scheduled lessons.

5.1.4 Private lessons in the Berlitz Blended programs are scheduled at pre-established intervals and can only be rescheduled within the same week.

5.2. Virtual Lessons (Individual Training and Group Training).

5.2.1. Individual training in the Berlitz Virtual Classroom and the Berlitz Virtual Classroom Corporate Group have the same conditions as individual instruction, cf. 5.1 and 9.1. 5.3 Open Groups / Group Registration (Semi-Private, Intensive Club, Crash Course, Berlitz Class, Berlitz Virtual Class Open Groups and Berlitz Children's Groups).

5.3.1. The user and Berlitz will agree on which group the user should attend.

5.3.2. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break.

5.3.3. For pedagogical reasons, Berlitz has the right to transfer a user from one group to another or to change the content of the course.

5.3.4. Los grupos abiertos/clases grupales de Berlitz tienen un número preestablecido de participantes. Si no hay suficientes participantes, Berlitz tiene derecho, sin previo aviso, a reducir el número de lecciones en un programa de grupo determinado de acuerdo con las directrices que se indican a continuación

5.3.5. Special conditions for "Berlitz Children's Groups". Berlitz has the right to prevent a child from continuing to participate in a Berlitz children's group, if the child makes it impossible for the other members of the group to receive lively and stimulating instruction. In this case, Berlitz will reimburse all lessons paid for but not taken.

5.4. Berlitz listening, reading and speaking test.

5.4.1. The booking and scheduling of the Berlitz Listening, Reading and Speaking tests is agreed between the user and Berlitz.

5.4.2. You have the right to reschedule or cancel the Berlitz Listening and Reading test and the Berlitz Speaking test two working days before the scheduled appointment.

5.5. Berlitz Online - eBerlitz Self-Learning and eBerlitz Tutoring.

5.5.1. Berlitz Online offers flexible personal access to interactive online language learning programs. The license is valid for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and is sent to the user by e-mail upon receipt of payment.

6. Products on www.berlitz.com/es-es/

6.1. Berlitz reserves the right to make changes or eliminate products/services from this website without prior notice. This also applies to Berlitz Online. The user is not entitled to make any claims with regard to these changes.

7. Changes.

7.1. All purchases of language teaching products/services are subject to the availability of suitable teaching staff. Berlitz will confirm this once the contract has been confirmed. In addition, there may be changes in the teaching plan due to illness, personnel changes, etc. Berlitz does not assume any responsibility for the cancellation of training programs due to force majeure.

7.2. As part of the Berlitz pedagogical approach, the user will be trained by a team of teachers. Berlitz reserves the right to change the teacher during the training period.

7.3. Berlitz will always endeavor to find another teacher. However, this is not always possible.

7.4. Berlitz will offer make-up lessons for any language classes or programs that have had to be cancelled.

7.5. If Berlitz cancels part of the teaching and does not offer make-up lessons within 4 weeks, the user is entitled to a refund for the remaining part of the purchase amount, i.e. the customer only pays for the lessons given. This also applies to language class programs or programs that had to be cancelled by Berlitz.

7.6. The user is not entitled to make-up lessons or other compensation, except in the cases stipulated in point 7.5.

8. Results.

8.1. Berlitz does not accept any responsibility for the failure to meet the specific objectives of the language course. The guidelines published by Berlitz, in relation to the number of lessons necessary to reach a particular level, are based on years of experience but can differ from one user to another, depending on the background, motivation and contributions of the individual.

9. Cancellation.

9.1. Cancellation of Private classes, Semi-private classes, classes in open or closed groups, Total Immersion, Crash courses, Berlitz Meeting Point, Berlitz Virtual Classroom, CyberTeachers, Telephone classes, classes for children in all its forms (virtual or face to face), Blended Learning, One day Workshops.

9.1.1. The user has the right to a refund within 6 months after confirmation of the contract. Berlitz shall refund the remaining balance of the contract amount, and the user shall only be charged for the services he/she has already used at the price in force for the period consumed without taking into account the discount applied for early payment.

9.1.2. A language program is valid for 12 months from the date of the contract. The user may use the remaining balance for the payment of other products/services at Berlitz within the period of 12 months from the confirmation of the original contract.

9.1.3. By way of derogation from Articles 9.1.1 and 9.1.2, all instruction relating to individual training and group training must be completed within the agreed period.

9.2. Berlitz Listening and Reading Test and Berlitz Speaking Test

9.2.1. If the Berlitz Listening and Reading test and the Berlitz Speaking test are cancelled two days before the scheduled test, Berlitz will refund the purchase price.

9.2.2. If the cancellation is received later than stipulated in point 9.3.1 or if Berlitz is unable to communicate with the user in connection with the actual test, the purchase amount will not be reimbursed.

9.3. Group lessons and Berlitz Blended Classes cannot be cancelled.

10. Refund.

10.1. If a user is unable to complete his language program and the cancellation and scheduling rules according to Articles 5.3.4, 9.1.1, 9.2.1 or 9.3.1 have been followed, and the user requests a refund in writing within 6 months from the date of the contract, the unused balance can be returned. No refund will be granted for prepaid class materials received by the User, nor for registration fees. The refund will be given for the period not consumed, without taking into account the discount applied for early payment.

11. Prices and terms of payment.

11.1. The prices that appear in our web shop include the corresponding taxes (In Spain the teaching is not subject to VAT).

11.2. Berlitz reserves the right to change prices without prior notice, which will not affect contracts already agreed upon. The prevailing prices for the products/services are indicated in our Webshop.

12. Credit card - security.

12.1. Berlitz uses an external payment provider, the Redsys platform, to process payment transactions with third party companies. Berlitz does not store credit card or bank data. The payment provider saves the credit card and bank data in encrypted form. Payment is made by credit card or direct debit using Redsys.

13. Data protection.

13.1. Berlitz uses cookies and records your data. The user data is stored for internal processing and Berlitz's own promotional purposes in accordance with Spanish law.

13.2. In accordance with the law on the storage of user data, users have the right to access and delete their personal data. If users do not wish to receive information material from Berlitz, please notify Berlitz España Calle Cea Bermúdez, 50 atencion.clientes@berlitz.es . Your data will then be blocked so that you do not receive notifications.

13.3. Berlitz transfers the data of registered users to other parties only in accordance with the relevant laws in force tes.

14. Derechos.

14.1. Berlitz holds the intangible rights to all materials/products available to the user and offered by Berlitz..

14.2. None of the Berlitz materials/products may be used externally without the prior written consent of Berlitz.

15. Transfer of rights

15.1. By virtue of contractual obligations, neither Berlitz nor the User is authorised to transfer its rights or obligations, in whole or in part, to third parties.

16. Breach of Contract.

16.1. If one party does not fulfil its contractual obligations, the other party is entitled to terminate the contract by giving 14 days' notice, starting from the date on which the party which has fulfilled its contractual obligations has informed the party which has not fulfilled its contractual obligation in writing that the contract is to be terminated and that the breach of contract has not come to an end within this period. Termination of the contract may only relate to the future.

17. Court of jurisdiction.

17.1. This agreement is in accordance with Spanish law.

14. Company details.

Escuelas de idiomas Berlitz de España S.A., Calle Cea Bermúdez, 50 28003 Madrid, España.