Knowledge of a foreign language is often no longer enough to work in today's global workplace. Global challenges can only be overcome with solid intercultural experience and management and leadership skills. With us, you will find the right seminar to develop your employees' skills in specific areas.

Berlitz Business Seminars

Our seminars last for a whole day or more depending on the content chosen and the number of participants in the group.

There are more than 40 topics, such as: Leading a Team, Conflict Management or Meetings & Presentations. These seminars are offered in English with specific materials and are realized by specialized business tutors.

You will receive exclusive and highly effective training that is adapted to the specific needs of your business. Our case studies and the inclusion of technical terminology support your learning success. You will be able to choose the topic, place and time of the seminar.

For more information about our business seminar programs in the fields of intercultural competences, project management and leadership training, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our Shorties are the ideal way to provide fresh impetus, foster motivation or work on a complex subject. Their content is mainly oriented towards business practices and can be immediately applied to your daily work. All our Shorties are taught in English. Successful learning is enhanced by the incorporation of technical terminology.

The duration of these Shorties is four hours and the topics available are the same as those of the Business Seminars.

Berlitz online live seminars (BOLS):

Some of the seminar topics can also be taught in the "BOLS" mode: online and compact seminars. Here, the participants attend an interactive, real-time training conducted by a trainer in a Virtual Classroom (anywhere). This alternative means that participants do not have to be in a specific location and is ideal for people or employees who are constantly moving or in different locations.

General information:

  • Seminars in virtual classrooms.
  • Berlitz trainers with extensive professional experience.
  • 2 sessions of 90 min. with preparation and previous tasks.
  • Interactive course.
  • Groups with a maximum of 12 students.
  • Open or closed groups.


  • Seminars accessible from anywhere.
  • Compact, business-oriented content.
  • Integrates into daily work routines.
  • Effective alternative to face-to-face training.
  • Perfect solution for professionals of multiple sectors.

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