If you especially enjoy learning with others and wish to learn a new language with speed and focus, our group language courses are the right choice for you. Small groups offer greater interaction with your instructor and classmates, so you can start having conversations from day one.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are held in one of our language schools, at a regular, set time. Your classmates are of a similar level, which will help you stay motivated and committed as the course progresses. With group language
training you will soon be speaking the target language with greater confidence, both during your lessons and in your daily life.

The main advantages of this course are:

  • Small groups of 3-6 students and personal attention from the teacher.
  • Course material focused on the group's objectives.
  • Optimal and cost-effective mix of private and group tuition.
  • Use of the Berlitz® Method to increase your confidence when speaking.
  • Exclusive native and/or qualified teachers.

Work towards a common goal

Joining a Berlitz group class can help you stay motivated and offer an affordable alternative to private classes. With plenty of room to practice your new language, our group classes also offer quick and continuous progress in your learning. Our group Spanish lessons are ideal for people who recently moved to Spain and want to improve their language skills and fully immerse in the culture.
Meet like-minded participants who motivate each other and have fun with the language will allow you to focus on your conversation skills. Learn real life English with group classes, or the language of your choice, and open your world with Berlitz.

Semi-private course

Complete focus at half the price – learn a foreign language quickly and effectively in a group of two. Not only is it fun and motivating to have a learning partner, but you both save money by sharing the costs. This format is perfect for employees from the same company, couples, or friends.

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