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The TOEFL test is a globally recognized examination for assessing the English language proficiency of non-native speakers and is accepted as a language credential in more than 130 countries (including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States). The TOEFL provides high-quality assessments of English proficiency and is used primarily for a variety of academic applications and contexts.

Our experienced language trainers know exactly what the TOEFL exams are all about and have the appropriate study materials to prepare you specifically for this test. Thanks to the TOEFL preparation course, you will gain the necessary confidence and expertise to successfully pass the exam, saving you time and money.

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TOEFL preparation course to suit your needs.TOEFL preparation courses are available . The one-on-one courses are more personalized, while the group courses allow you to interact with other students and prepare for the TOEFL exam together.

Advantages of our TOEFL preparation course:

  • TOEFL preparation courses offer maximum flexibility and are designed to fit around your schedule.
  • Intensive courses are available to meet tight deadlines.
  • Our language coaches will help you identify and improve your personal language problem areas.
  • Thanks to extensive preparation, you will not only save time and money but also precious nerves.
  • Our experienced language trainers know exactly what the TOEFL test is all about and can help you prepare specifically for it.
  • By practicing regularly, you will not only gain more language experience, but you will also gain more self-confidence, which will benefit you in the exam situation.
  • The preparation course takes into account the different learning styles of the course participants.
  • We provide you with the appropriate learning materials.

Preparation courses for TOEFL tests

All the TOEFL tests provide evidence of the candidate’s English proficiency for school or academic purposes. Depending on the age group, different TOEFL tests are applicable. For academic purposes in particular, it is vital to know whether the TOEFL iBT or ITP is required. Our language trainers and consultants can provide you with comprehensive information. We have compiled a short overview below:


The TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test) is an admission requirement at many universities and further education institutions. More than 11,000 universities in more than 150 countries accept it as the top English language test in this field. In the iBT, all four areas of competence are examined: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Berlitz offers TOEFL preparation courses for the iBT, but the exam itself can only be taken at approved ETS Test Centers.


In contrast to the iBT, the TOEFL ITP ("Institutional Testing Program") primarily serves in Germany or non-English speaking countries as a test of your current English proficiency. It assesses your skills in reading, listening and grammar, but not speaking and writing, as in the iBT. You can take the ITP exam in numerous Berlitz Centers, and preparation courses are also possible at Berlitz in various formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the TOEFL test, you can neither fail nor pass. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score and underline your expertise with a good result. Therefore, it's best to leave nothing to chance.

However, keep in mind that a minimum score might be required for some academic applications.

We believe that three months is sufficient time to prepare for the TOEFL exam. During this time, we can assess your strengths and weaknesses, develop a study plan for you, and assist you in practicing with TOEFL-style materials.

During our TOEFL preparation courses, our instructors use the official book from ETS, the TOEFL testing and assessment organization.

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