Translation services

Let Berlitz translate your most important documents. Whatever your need, from product manuals to contracts to website content, speeches, or simple short documents, you’ll get accurate and timely results.

Besides written translations, our services also include translating and notarizing certificates as well as considering layout for products like business cards. Furthermore, our network of professional translators and interpreters cover a wide range of languages.

We won’t simply translate words from one language to another. Our translators understand the nuances of languages and have expert subject knowledge, assuring your message is conveyed properly from one language and culture to another.

Your document will be assigned to a team with just the right qualifications and experience to ensure you receive a translated document you can trust.

Localization services

We can also localize your content, not only translating your documents from one language to another, but also carefully adapting the content to the cultural and linguistic requirements of the target market.

Interpretation services

Berlitz also offers interpretation services including:

  • Simultaneous; interpreting the message from the spoken language to the target language as the speaker continues to speak
  • Consecutive; interpreting after the speaker completes a few sentences
  • Liaison; relaying what is spoken between two or many people, for small group meetings, one-on-one interviews, etc.

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