What is the secret to the success of our popular English summer camps? Combining language learning with fun free-time and sports activities. 

Berlitz offers summer language camps for kids in both English and Spanish. We also offer several other language classes for kids via our online, instructor-led platform. Click here to learn more about our online language classes for kids.

After completing our summer program, your child will have the skills to communicate in their new language as well as a broader cultural understanding. Our teams are ready to help open doors of opportunity for your child.

Summer language camps for kids

Berlitz hosts summer language camps for kids in several locations in Israel. Each language camp provides a unique experience for children to not only learn a new language, but to also interact with other students, enjoy fun activities and learn about new cultures.

What makes the Berlitz summer language camps different?

Our unique emphasis on conversation engages children and gets them talking from the very beginning, emphasizing authentic pronunciation and consistent participation. This encourages authentic verbal interaction throughout each session, both between students and the instructor, as well as with one another. Each lesson is interactive and full immersion, meaning that the teacher and students speak only in the target language.

Our class sizes are small groups, grouped by age and skill level so that classes can be most effective. This format helps students more easily engage with each other and the instructor and rapidly see results.

Our summer language camps also feature cultural experiences that engage students outside of the classroom. Our English camps include content from National Geographic that make learning fun, while our Spanish camps feature online games and a virtual visit to Mexico City that enhances the cultural element of the class and helps students engage with the curriculum.

The summer camps run on 3 different dates that you can choose from.

Date 1 - 07.07-18.07

Date 2 - 21.07-01.08

Date 3 - 04.08-15.08

Camp Activity Hours: 09AM - 12:30PM

Date 1 - 09.07-20.07

Date 2 - 23.07-03.08

Date 3 - 06.08-17.08

Camp Activity Hours: 09AM - 12:30PM

Date 1 - 03.07-14.07

Date 2 - 24.07-04.08

Date 3 - 07.08-18.08

Date 1 - 04.07-15.07

Date 2 - 25.07-05.08

Date 3 - 08.08-19.08

All summer language camps with Berlitz are offered as half-day and full-day camps. Half-day camps are held between 9:00am to 12:00pm and include a nutritious breakfast. The children present a project at the end of each camp to their families to celebrate their achievements.

For our full-day camps, your children will be offered breakfast and lunch as the camps run from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Having the full day to focus on English or Spanish allows kids to really develop their language skills with a variety of cooking, creative, and film workshops.

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