Do you feel nervous about speaking in English with people at work, or with other native English speakers?  At Berlitz, we help millions of people around the world to improve their English Conversation skills through our proven Berlitz Method. Start now and improve your ability and confidence to speak in English everyday at work, home, or just to make new friends. Enjoy your life and speak English easily.

Conversation English lessons

If you have already spent years studying English at school but you have never really had much opportunity to practise speaking, then this type of course is ideal for you. 

You can now improve your fluency, vocabulary and accuracy with your sentence structure to take your English conversation skills to a whole new level. Using the successful Berlitz Method of teaching, our teachers will use a variety of learning activities such as role-plays, practical phrases and listening exercises so you can gain more confidence to use English for many different situations.

By focusing on conversation skills for different types of social or work situations, you will feel much more confident in everyday life.  

Our experienced instructors will:

  • Identify your spoken communication problems
  • Use various techniques to overcome any weak areas that exist
  • Eliminate any grammatical or pronunciation errors
  • Ensure you learn common phrases, idioms, and essential sentence patterns
  • Practise conversation role plays – listening and speaking for fluency
  • Discuss topical issues that people talk about at work or when out with friends

Advantages of learning conversational English at Berlitz

  • Wide range of levels to choose from, from beginner to advanced
  • Customize lessons to suit your needs
  • Gain practical skills through role-playing sessions
  • Detailed guidance in individual lessons or small group classes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our online courses can especially be integrated into your everyday life easily. However, we recommend that you attend Polish classes regularly to consistently improve your language skills.

That depends on the particular language course. Some of our flexible online courses can be booked and rebooked up to 6 hours before the class starts.

We are aware that everyone has a different learning pace, and everyone also has different amounts of time available to learn English. Therefore, we have found different ways to offer our students a choice of language course that best suits their learning pace.

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