Berlitz online language classes for kids helps them uncover their unique talents and improve their understanding of the world, wherever they are. Learning a new language at an early age can enhance cognitive abilities and build confidence in a child - our online platform means there's no need to attend a language center, they just log in and learn!

One-on-one private tutoring

Our tutors are highly trained, fluent speakers who are dedicated to working with children. Our instructor will work one-on-one with your child to build critical speaking and listening skills, using a conversational approach and age-appropriate materials to engage them. With the instructor’s undivided attention, the Berlitz kids and teens private tutoring program is designed to focus on your child’s individual needs.

Our foreign language tutoring program includes:

  • Private language tutoring for kids aged 8–17
  • Tailored programs based on skill level, goals and timeframe
  • Four 45-minute sessions with a live instructor via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom platform

    Group classes for kids and teens

    Our group language classes for kids and teens let your child have fun and stay motivated while taking the plunge into foreign-language learning. This opens up new opportunities – whether that be at school or in their future career choices. Children and teenagers are divided into small groups according to age and proficiency. This encourages interaction, fosters rapid progress and a relaxed atmosphere.

    The Berlitz experience is completely unlike school – there’s no pressure or memorisation, just plenty of fun and lots of motivation!

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