Learn English at your own pace with Berlitz Flex

An online language course and live coaching – the perfect combination

Berlitz Flex offers you maximum flexibility in learning English. With our new online self-study program, you are not tied to a specific location and can learn at your own pace in order to achieve the language level you wish. Our experienced Berlitz instructors will provide you with targeted support in live coaching sessions that follow the Berlitz Method.

The most flexible way to speak a new language fluently

  • Learn in your own time with on-demand activities designed for your level.
  • Choose what pace is best for you and how much you want to learn.
  • Fast-track your learning with extra activities designed to help you cement your knowledge.

Master your speaking skills with speech recognition

  • Have real-life conversations using full sentences, not just words.
  • Fine-tune your pronunciation, working on the words that need more practice.
  • Be yourself! Speech recognition gives you the freedom to practice on your own, before talking with native speakers.

Receive one-on-one coaching from language experts

Having true connections with other humans will help you keep learning, build confidence and reach your goals faster:

  • Meet with expert instructors to practice real-life conversations.
  • You have 20 personalized sessions included in the course.
  • Receive immediate feedback and support to make sure you’re on track.

Immersed in your new language

  • Lessons and coaching sessions are delivered in your new language only.
  • Activities are based on realistic scenarios.
  • Expose yourself to a variety of accents and cultures with our instructors.
  • Learn cultural facts.

Here’s how you learn a language with Berlitz Flex

1. Login to MyBerlitz, your online learning portal.

2. Study at your own pace by completing on-demand activities.

3. When you're ready to practice what you’ve learned, book a one-on-one live coaching session with a Berlitz instructor.

4. Boost your learning with extra activities and monitor your progress.

Course details

Berlitz Flex is currently available for English. 

German and Spanish will be available in September 2021.

Self-paced online course with live 1:1 coaching sessions with an instructor.

6 or 12 months

Level 1 to 8

Learn more about the Berlitz levels.

Pay in full or by installment plan

Learn more about the Berlitz levels.