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Although Berlitz has been around for over 140 years and has perfected its teaching methods, we are always looking for new ways to optimize the learning process and offer the ideal language course for everyone. We therefore use innovative technology to offer our students different options for learning Arabic online.

Why you should learn Arabic online with Berlitz

Our Berlitz Arabic courses offer you maximum flexibility and let you decide when, where, and how often you want to practice Arabic online.

Every person is different. At Berlitz, we recognized this early on, which is why we design all of our Arabic courses to meet the personal needs of our students.

Our students are only as good as our learning methods. That's why we use technological innovations to constantly optimize our Arabic lessons.

Berlitz has been around for over 140 years. We have used this time to pass on proven learning processes to our language teachers, so that this can be optimally applied in Arabic classes.

Learning a new language also means thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is important to us to also integrate cultural contexts and characteristics into the language course.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, at Berlitz anyone can learn Arabic online. You can attend classes regardless of how old you are, how flexible your schedule is, what your personal learning goals are, and what your language level is. Feel free to contact us so we can work together to find the perfect language course for you.

This decision depends on what your learning goals are, what type of learner you are, and how much time you want to invest in the language course. In general, however, individual lessons give you the opportunity to be more involved in shaping the course and adapting it to your individual needs. This is especially suitable for participants who want to learn Arabic in a professional context. In group lessons, you learn with and from others, it is cost-effective and more realistic through simulations and role-plays.

If you choose one of our group courses, you can also register for it together.

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