Negotiations in English

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Immer die Ruhe bewahren: Auf Englisch verhandeln ist gar nicht so schwer

Geschäftliche Verhandlungen wollen gut vorbereitet und dipomatisch umgesetzt werden. Damit es nicht an den Sprachkenntnissen scheitert, haben wir hier einige nützliche "Floskeln" für Sie zusammengetragen.

Making Small Talk

  • Greg, it's great to finally meet you in person. / July, it's a pleasure to meet you, too.
  • Is this your first visit to our office?
  • What are your plans while you're in town?
  • Can I get you something to drink?
  • It‘s really quiet and clean here. You have a nice office. / Thank you. We renovated it last year. Can I take your coat? / Great, thanks.

Making the opening offer

  • We were thinking $5.5 million.
  • $5.5 million is the best we can do.
  • How does $5.5 million sound?
  • Our offer is $5.5 million.

Place a response

  • That's a little less than what we were expecting to get.
  • Well, it's a good starting point.
  • That's out of the question.


  • How did it happen?
  • Do you expect payment in advance?
  • What do you think of it?

Making suggestions

  • How about
  • Are you willing to consider ...?
  • Perhaps we could ...?
  • You could always ..., couldn't you?


  • If we ..., will you ...?
  • We would be willling to ..., provided that ...
  • We'd be prepared to ... on condition that you ...

Resolving Deadlocks

  • So, what is the real reason that ...?
  • What exactly is it that ...?

Delaying and neglecting

  • We need to do a little more research to come to a decision.
  • I'd like to consult with my superiors before making a decision.
  • We are ready to accept your offer.
  • This agreement is acceptable to us.

Closing the negotiation

  • Let's just confirm the details, then.
  • Let me go over what we talked about.
  • Let's make sure we agree on these points.
  • So, here's what we've agreed to.

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