Intensive English program - Total Immersion

Total Immersion is a unique Berlitz program designed to use your current knowledge and express it in English with absolute confidence. Whether preparing for an interview, holding a seminar abroad, or leading a business meeting speaking in English, our immersion program in English is the best way to learn the language quickly and effectively.

The immersive English learning program requires nine hours a day in individual classes and is designed to teach you to speak the language with a precise approach to business and social skills based on the environment to which you will be exposed. In this way, you will be able to express yourself confidently in a short time. For the duration of your program, you will meet every day with two English instructors who will apply 100% personalized content simulating situations that you will face in real life.

With our Total Immersion program, you will quickly develop your executive and social skills to think and speak English in a short time. You will participate in role-play that will strengthen your foundation in the language. Once you have mastered them, the vocabulary will be customized to include business terminology and specific learning requirements.

Benefits of immersive English learning at Berlitz

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Total Immersion

  • 12 lessons of 45 minutes per day over 5 days
  • flexible starting date
  • lunch in a restaurant with your teacher
  • daily double lessons with 2 instructors
  • practice real-life situations

No matter what level you are at, with the Berlitz Method and the accompaniment of leading communication experts you will achieve all your dreams and ambitions in learning English for business and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

Total Immersion (r) - Rapid learning progress in the shortest time:

  • 12 lessons per day
  • one lesson with 2 language instructors every day
  • business lunch with a language instructor
  • dynamic, motivating team of instructors
  • ideal duration 2 to 6 weeks
  • proven program - developed in cooperation with the Institute of Psychology of McGill University, Montreal

Our Total Immersion program consist of 12 lessons of 45 minutes per day over 5 days, and includes daily double lessons with two native-fluent instructors as well as lunch in a restaurant with the language teacher.

Yes, you can customize the content of your lessons based on your schedule and desired learning pace. Here at Berlitz UAE, we also tailor the learning materials and lesson plans according to your needs and goals.