5 Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn





Learning foreign languages can improve a child's critical thinking, communication, memory and empathy, among numerous other skills. As they grow older, the advantages become even more apparent. Multilingualism is associated with improved academic achievement, better employment opportunities and higher test scores for college entrance.

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which foreign language is best for your child. We'll help you narrow down your list. Below are the top five foreign languages kids should learn.

Which Language Should Your Child Learn?

Here are the five top languages your child should learn based on how frequently they're spoken and how marketable they are across different professional fields.


French is one of the top 10 spoken languages in the world and is a major asset for children growing up in bilingual Canada. Being fluent in French gives children an advantage in communication and creates more extensive employment opportunities once they're older.

French is a romance language, which can make learning Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese simpler. Or, it can be easier to pick up if you already speak one of those languages.

If you speak French, you can integrate it into daily activities at home or participate in online French classes with your child.


Chinese Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world and has around 800 million speakers.

Given China's economic expansion, Mandarin is also becoming more common in the corporate world. Learning Mandarin is a difficult task that takes a lot of time and effort. So the sooner your child starts a Mandarin online course or in-person class, the better.


There are approximately 400 million native Spanish speakers globally. As mentioned earlier, if your child already speaks French, they will find it easier to learn Spanish. Learning Spanish will give your child the opportunity to communicate comfortably in most Latin American countries as well as in the African region of Equatorial Guinea.


Though challenging for adults to learn, German can be easy for children to pick up. English is a Germanic language, which means a good number of terms and their roots are similar. Furthermore, Germany is the world's top exporter and has the fourth-strongest economy. So, learning this foreign language could come in handy when your child gets older.

You can sign your child up now for either basic online German courses or private, face-to-face classes.


Learning Italian can be a great choice for your child, particularly if they already speak English, as both languages have many similarities in vocabulary and pronunciation.

Additionally, Italy is a leading tourist destination thanks to its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and artistic sites, and famous cuisine. Studying Italian could help your child fully enjoy the experience should you ever plan to visit.

Bonus Language

If English is not your first language, it is one of the most important languages your child can learn to give them a step up in the world. Enrol them in our online English courses or sign them up for private in-person classes.

Learn Foreign Languages in Canada

These days, the choices for learning a foreign language are plentiful. There are apps, books, online courses and in-person classes; however, only Berlitz Canada offers the combination of language learning, cultural understanding and personalized course options your child needs to achieve fluency in their foreign language.

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