We know how valuable it is to learn languages ​​from a young age. That’s why we adapt our Berlitz Method so that children learn Portuguese in the fastest and most effective way. We apply the concept of Gamification, which guarantees that children and adolescents incorporate Portuguese in a natural way, through games and engaging activities. From day one, your children will immerse themselves in Portuguese and its culture.

Portuguese classes for kids are available for children and teenagers, from 4 to 17 years old. For each age, we develop content that is adjusted to their linguistic needs and interests. Our Berlitz instructors are specialized in teaching Portuguese to children, so your child will achieve amazing results.

A boost for the brain

Research has shown that children who learn a second language tend to be more creative, better at solving problems and have more empathy towards different cultures.

It is also easier for them to learn a second (or third) language than adults since the region of the brain that handles language is still developing.

Our Portuguese for kids program includes:

  • Learning based on our proven Berlitz Method
  • Native level instructors specially trained in teaching children and adolescents
  • Extensive interaction with children to develop their communication skills and interact with others
  • Activities and materials appropriate to the age of the student
  • Private lessons

Learn Portuguese for kids and teens

Discover - Portuguese courses for kids aged 4 - 7 years

The Discover course is offered in person only. In this course, your child will discover the world around them by learning a new language.

Explore - Portuguese courses for kids aged 8 - 11 years

Your child will be able to start the Explore course, in person, from the age of 8. For the online mode, the minimum age is 9 years old. In this course, students will explore and learn about new cultures and lifestyles.

Achieve - Portuguese courses for teens aged 12 - 15 years

Your child will reach a new level of understanding in the language and gain useful skills in the real world. This course is available face-to-face and online.

Lead - Portuguese courses for teens aged 16+ years

Your child will learn about leadership and learn about the world through cultural understanding. This course is available face-to-face and online.

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