5 Things to Consider if You Want to Study French Online



So you want to learn French online? That’s a great decision, but with so many options available, how will you choose the right online French course for you? Although most Canadian provinces have an English-speaking majority, learning to speak French is a great asset that will open many doors, especially if you are an immigrant. Learning a culturally rich, romantic world language is a bonus.

French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English and the fifth most commonly spoken language worldwide. Therefore, there are many avenues for you to choose from when learning the language online. But how can you make the best decision? Here are five things to consider that should help you choose the best online French class for your needs.

1. What do you want to gain from your online French classes?

First things first—you must figure out your goals. Are you planning to live and/or work in a French-speaking province such as Quebec and want to speak fluently? Or do you wish to learn the language for an upcoming trip to a French-speaking country? If you are learning the language for a short-term trip, consider a course that teaches real-world scenarios or conversations with words and phrases that you may need to know, such as asking for directions, greetings, or where to find the bathroom. For work or long-term stay in a predominantly French-speaking area, it would be best to find a more rigorous course that teaches all aspects of the language.

2. What is your language proficiency in French?

Are you seeking French lessons for beginners, or do you already know some words or phrases? It is essential to consider your current skill level in the language, as this will help you choose between a beginner, intermediate or advanced course.

3. What type of online learner are you?

Are you an online learner who prefers group sessions or one-on-one classes? Consider how best you learn before deciding on a class; this will help to maximize your investment by ensuring the learning environment is most suitable for you.

What’s your budget and availability?

Your time and money are valuable; be sure to think about how much money and time you are willing to spend on your online class. Live classes have fixed days and times for attendance, while you can take prerecorded lessons any time. Prices will vary based on the course format, class size and other factors.

5. Are the instructors experts?

If you still have not narrowed down your decision on the right type of online French class for you, you may want to know who will be teaching you. Are the educators qualified experts with experience in one or more French-speaking countries? It would be even more helpful to have a native speaker teach you or teachers with different accents. For example, a Canadian French instructor may pronounce words differently from a European French teacher; learning from both speakers could be advantageous.

At Berlitz Canada, we want our students to be ready for the world—that’s why we offer you qualified Canadian and European instructors to guide you toward fluency in French. This way, you will always be able to communicate effectively despite variations in the language. Our hope is that you get the most out of your time and money spent in our French classes.

Visit our French language page or send us a message via our contact form to learn more about our online courses. Let us help you reach your French language goals!