6 Reasons Why Mining Professionals Should Learn a Foreign Language





In addition to aiding the basics of communication and expression, learning a new language can exponentially improve memory, enhance creativity and hone problem-solving and communication skills. Furthermore, learning a foreign language has proven highly beneficial for professionals wanting to boost their marketability. Berlitz Canada offers over 40 languages to help you advance your career or grow your business.

Within any growing economic market, it is crucial to communicate effectively to maintain productivity within your business and build lasting relationships. The mining industry is no exception. Learning a foreign language such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or Mandarin provides a competitive advantage for mining professionals in a globalized and diversified economy.

Language training for mining engineers is useful in many ways, including:

Developing Communication Skills

Language facilitates communication. Studying a new language enables you to convey and receive information and feelings more effectively from a wider variety of people. Learning a foreign language allows you to see the world from a different perspective and helps you to evaluate how you relay information in your native tongue. It trains you to become an active listener, notice non-verbal cues and speak clearly and audibly. It can also boost your self-confidence and empathy.

Bridging Communication Gaps

Multilingual communication can overcome language barriers. It is easier to cross or close linguistic gaps within professional spaces when you’ve been taught more than one language. When communicating on the job, being fluent in a foreign language allows you to be more self-aware and sensitized to your coworkers and surroundings. Language interpretation skills equip you to identify cultural differences, aid conversation with visual communication methods, read body language and pick up on slang, dialect and jargon.

The instructors at Berlitz Canada will also teach you how to bridge communication gaps with communication tools like the cultural navigator.

Reducing Language Miscommunications

The mining industry strives in a globalized market with individuals from different countries and cultures. Language training for mining engineers facilitates communication between stakeholders, employees and employers in the sector. It ensures that all information is properly understood and that misunderstandings don’t lead to costly mistakes. Furthermore, being bilingual allows mining professionals to work in different countries where speaking the local language is a necessity. Learning a foreign language can therefore open doors to new business opportunities.

Strengthening Collaborative and Interpersonal Relationships

Relationships are crucial for new opportunities and business growth and development in the mining sector. Building those relationships starts with communication and connection. Relating to others in their native tongue bridges cultural divides and builds trust. Thus, speaking a foreign language can strengthen and maintain global partnerships with stakeholders and investors.

Building Workplace Culture

Language training for mining engineers provides a competitive edge and equips professionals to work in a diverse, globalized environment. It opens opportunities for shared learning experiences among teams, improves communication and builds social skills while increasing productivity.

Saving Time and Money

Speaking a foreign language eliminates the time and cost required to hire interpreters. In the long run, it is better to invest in learning one or more languages at a language institution like Berlitz Canada that offers quality Mandarin, German and mining English courses, among others. It allows you to build stronger relationships that are difficult to achieve when you rely on a translator.

Language Training Courses at Berlitz

Knowing a foreign language is vital in an ever-expanding international market. Berlitz Canada offers professional language training courses in Portuguese, German, Spanish, English, French and Mandarin – all of which help mining professionals succeed. Consult with one of our qualified tutors to improve your communication skills and advance your international business.

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