Learning French in a Group



French is an attractive language to learn. On or offline, there are many ways you can learn the language. Learning French in a group setting is one method of gaining proficiency in the language.

At Berlitz Canada, our French online courses are available in small groups of up to four students. Among other benefits, the small size maximizes learners’ language acquisition. Below, we share some reasons to learn French and the advantages of learning the language in small classes.

Why Should You Learn French?

Enrolling in French Online courses allows you to tap into the power of the fifth most spoken language worldwide. Beyond its romantic allure, French is one of the easiest languages to acquire. Moreover, it ranks among the most advantageous languages for international business. Mastering French opens doors to communicating with a vast community of over 300 million French speakers worldwide.

Clearly, speaking multiple languages is a career asset. People with French as a second or third language gain a competitive edge and are more marketable than their monolingual counterparts. When companies hire, they view candidates with proficiency in multiple languages positively.

Enrolling in Berlitz Canada’s French online courses allows learners to immerse themselves in France's rich culture, art, cinema and cuisine. Additionally, they can master conversational skills and explore French literature, making their language-learning journey truly fulfilling.

What Are the Benefits of Learning French in a Group?

There are many advantages of learning French within a group setting. Even if you're initially unsure about group classes, the following benefits could potentially change your perspective.

More Social Interaction

One of the core benefits of learning French in a group is the opportunity to interact with others. If you are an extrovert, this is the learning method for you. Students interact with each other, build camaraderie and support each other, increasing motivation and accelerating language acquisition and retention.

Better Communication

Engaging in conversations with fellow learners through French online courses enhances communication skills. Interactions during classes contribute significantly to improved French conversational abilities. In small groups, learners can practice speaking with tutors and peers, receiving instant feedback on errors and pronunciation.

With class sizes limited to four students, each individual benefits from personalized tutor attention while having ample opportunities for discussions and language practice. This environment accelerates the process of mastering spoken French.

Enhanced Relationships

One of the benefits of group learning is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other students. By learning French together, individuals get a chance to converse and connect on a deeper level more and more as they get to know one another. The connection naturally develops as learners work together towards similar goals.

Healthy Competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little good-natured competition. Healthy competition among group members can be a significant source of motivation. It increases excitement and promotes higher performance overall. Some people thrive on competition, encouraging them to perform strongly and meet their goals.

Productive Peer-to-Peer Learning

Participating in group lessons through our French online courses offers an extra advantage – the opportunity to learn from your fellow learners. As you exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences related to learning French, you'll find inspiration and motivation, spurring you to excel as you navigate the language-learning journey.

Helpful Cultural Exchange

Embarking on a journey to learn French alongside a diverse group of individuals offers you the chance to gain insights not only into the language itself but into the diverse cultures of your fellow group members.

Are You Ready for French Online Courses?

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