Which English Course Is Best for Beginners?





English is spoken by many people worldwide, but it can take some work to learn. Since so many people want to learn it, there are plenty of resources available, like English online courses, videos and books.

When choosing an English online course, you can find different ones that suit your learning style and language goals. Some people might think that a beginner's course should only focus on grammar and vocabulary, but it's best to practice listening and speaking as well. Just like young children learn naturally, you'll pick up grammar and words as you go.

First, you should take a level test to see how much you already know. This test will help you figure out which course is the right one for you to start with. It's important to avoid starting with a course that’s too difficult, as it might discourage you from continuing your lessons.

Choosing Private or Group Courses 

Now that you know your current English level, the next step is to decide how you want to learn: through private or group courses. You have the option to pick from various English online courses. Both private and group courses have advantages, so you should choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and brings you the most benefits.

Private Courses

Taking an private English online course allows you to learn independently. You can slow down when you need more time to understand something and speed up when you feel confident. Life can get busy, and with private courses, you can pause your learning and continue when you're ready.

The downside of private courses is that they can sometimes feel lonely and less motivating. Without other students, it's easy to lose some of the excitement that accompanies learning in a group.

Group Courses

Conversely, group classes can be enjoyable because of the social interaction. You get to learn with other people and share your learning journey and the challenges you encounter while learning the language. It's a great opportunity to practice speaking English with new friends.

Ideally, you’ll take an English online course that combines the best of both worlds. Look for a class that allows you to learn at your own pace and adjusts to your needs while giving you the chance to study with others. That way, you can have fun, learn from your peers and still have the flexibility to progress according to your comfort level.

Which Course Method Works Best?

There are many options for English online courses, as well as schools that offer in-person classes. With so many choices available, it's natural to wonder which method will lead to success.

To ease your concerns, research the schools or institutions offering these courses. Check if they are accredited, and read testimonials or talk to people who have already taken the course. Testimonials give you insights into the schools or programs and how students feel about them.

A good online program or school will have well-organized course content that follows specific guidelines. They should provide updated materials and have effective, high-quality instructors to support your learning journey. Choosing a reputable and well-structured course can increase your chances of success in learning English.

Are You Ready to Start English Online Courses?

If you prefer having a clear plan and knowing what to study next, an English online course could be the perfect fit for you. You can start learning English and improve your skills right away with Berlitz Canada!

Berlitz Canada offers practical, accessible language lessons and cultural training. Our lessons focus on effective communication, especially speaking and listening. We developed this approach by creating immersive teaching experiences where students were encouraged to use gestures and vocabulary in real-life situations. As a result, students experience impressive language development and stay engaged throughout the learning process.

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