Improving Employee Engagement with Corporate Language Training





Employees are the primary resource for the growth and development of any organization. They are invaluable assets that play a crucial role in increasing a business’s performance and productivity. Investing in your workforce helps your employees reach their potential and ensures your company operates optimally.

One way employers can invest in their employees is by providing corporate language training. Corporate language training educates professionals on cultural and foreign language fluency. It strengthens communication skills and improves employee engagement within businesses.

How to Implement Corporate Language Training

Enrolling your employees in a language training school like Berlitz Canada is a great way to incorporate language learning into your business. Berlitz offers a comprehensive range of corporate language courses that can increase your employees’ productivity and effectiveness. When implementing corporate language training, it’s helpful to identify the following business needs:

  1. Define training goals and objectives. Determine specific language skills your employees need to improve and what you want the outcome of training to be.
  2. Assess current language proficiency. Evaluate your employees’ current language proficiency level to identify any areas that need improvement.
  3. Choose the right training approach. Decide on the best training approach for people at your company, whether it be online courses, in-person classes or a combination of both.
  4. Allocate resources. Determine the budget and resources required for training, including training materials, trainers and technology.
  5. Monitor progress and evaluate success. Keep track of employee progress and measure the impact the training program has on language proficiency and job performance. Use this information to adjust and improve the program as needed.

Based on your business needs, Berlitz Canada can customize packages and plans that complement your schedule and budget.

How Corporate Language Training Can Boost Employee Engagement

Being multilingual in a globalized economy is one of the most valuable skills an employee can have to achieve a competitive advantage in business. Corporate language training is beneficial for communicating with customers and colleagues in different countries who have different customs or speak other languages. It’s also helpful for business writing and presentation purposes.

It can boost employee engagement in the following ways:


Corporate language training reduces miscommunication and breaks down language barriers, fostering a better channel of communication and a greater understanding of cross-cultural perspectives. Thus, it contributes to a more productive work environment.


Employees assigned to a project or tasked with the same problem can easily work together to achieve mutual goals when they share a common language or are trained in a second language. This creates a supportive environment, builds cultural understanding and allows employees to engage in effective teamwork and collaboration.


Workplace inclusivity and diversification are benchmarks that real-world language and cultural fluency programs can help you attain. The more people from marginalized backgrounds feel valued, the more willing they are to share ideas and participate in the workplace. This improves workplace culture and reduces absenteeism.

Personal and Professional Growth

Learning a new language increases an employee’s skillsets and provides a sense of personal and professional accomplishment. In return, employees feel more confident and capable of executing and leading diverse roles and responsibilities.

Corporate Language Courses at Berlitz Canada

Corporate language learning improves employee performance, productivity and engagement. At Berlitz Canada, we offer corporate language classes online or face-to-face in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin and French, among others. We can curate a personalized learning plan based on your business needs and budget.

Our expert instructors are eager to help you reach your language goals. Call us at 1-855-865-0548 or complete our contact form to book a consultation.