SLE Test Exam: The Best Tips to Prepare Yourself





Taking tests can be daunting and overwhelming – especially when they are not in your first language. The Second Language Evaluation (SLE) Test Exam evaluates the strengths and weaknesses in how well you communicate and comprehend in your non-native tongue. Berlitz Canada can help you prepare for the SLE Test Exam in the federal government and public services sector, alleviating the stress you feel beforehand. Here are a few tips that will help you ace your SLE Test Exam:

Understand Your Lesson

The experienced instructors at Berlitz Canada provide professional language training in English, French or any other desired language. Be sure to communicate with your instructor for clarity or ask questions to retain and understand the specifics of the language they're teaching you. It's important to listen closely to get a firm grasp of the information.

The Berlitz method ensures that all courses, such as English online courses, meet government training requirements. As such, they are approved by the Public Service Commission. You can also communicate your preferred learning style to your educator. Students may learn best online, face-to-face or by self-study. Berlitz Canada can meet your individual requirements to help you master your second language and the SLE test exam.

Know the Layout of Your Exam

The SLE test structure consists of oral proficiency, written expression and reading comprehension assessments.

  • The Oral Proficiency Test measures your communication capabilities in your second language. It usually takes 20-40 minutes.
  • The Written Expression Test takes approximately 90 minutes and assesses your grammatical and vocabulary knowledge.
  • The Reading Comprehension Test is around 90 minutes long and evaluates your ability to understand and interpret in your second language.

A best practice when preparing for your SLE test exam is to know what you will be tested on, such as the topics, number of questions and whether to expect multiple choice or short answer questions. The physical details of your exam are also good to note, for example, the location and the start time of the exam. This will aid your SLE preparation by helping you feel comfortable and ready.


Practice makes perfect. Employing your classroom learning in real life helps language development. In addition to learning from your Berlitz Canada educator, try incorporating English or French into your everyday life. You can also create formal or informal study groups with your classmates and one-on-one sessions with a tutor or family and friends. Practice by utilizing online resources or self-assessment tools such as the Berlitz Online Placement Test or a government self-assessment tool. These steps will increase your proficiency, test your understanding and measure your time management skills.

Be Confident

Confidence and practice go hand in hand when preparing for your SLE test exam. Do your best to stay calm and think positively before and during your exam. Nervousness and anxiety have a way of creating brain fog when it's time to put pen to paper. You can help yourself maintain focus by sleeping well, exercising and eating healthy. Berlitz Canada's proven track record will put your mind at ease and boost your confidence.

Prepare for the SLE Test Exam with Berlitz Canada

Berlitz Canada is the number one language training resource for the federal government's SLE. With over 50 years of experience in providing professional language training, Berlitz Canada's expert instructors can help you master your second language for any bilingual job position. Enjoy comprehensive and innovative programs, high-quality course materials and multiple platform delivery.

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