Why Live Online English Classes Work Better Than Pre-recorded Lessons



The internet’s global reach has made it possible for individuals to access English instruction readily and competitively, regardless of their location. At no time has this been so greatly appreciated than during the ongoing pandemic, when travel is discouraged or prohibited and lessons in physical classrooms are frequently suspended.

Online, students can master the English language in live classes (synchronous learning) or pre-recorded lessons (asynchronous learning).

Synchronous and asynchronous learning

Online classes are categorized as either synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous learning takes place when the teacher and students meet online in real-time. Students and teachers navigate the course content while interacting face to face.

Conversely, with asynchronous learning, students access pre-recorded classes and course material at different times. Students work at their own pace and according to their own schedules.

Undoubtedly, both live and pre-recorded lessons can help someone learn a language. However, live online English classes are more effective than pre-recorded lessons. Here’s why.

Student interaction

One significant benefit of live classes is the interaction between and among teachers and students; this element is missing from pre-recorded lessons. Live classes let students connect, exchange ideas and cultures and develop friendly competition. They benefit from communicating with each other in English, making mistakes and having those mistakes corrected by an instructor in real-time. The environment encourages language acquisition as students are motivated to learn and improve their performance.

Room for spontaneity

There is a limit to how much fun and creativity a pre-recorded English lesson can generate. In live classes, however, games, storytelling, and other interactive activities create energy and spontaneity among students. This interaction makes lessons less predictable and more engaging. Especially for younger children, fun and immersive lessons stimulate learning and encourage language retention.

Customized teaching

Pre-recorded lessons are a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching – an approach that fails to meet the needs of students who require specific attention. Not all students feel comfortable asking questions in front of their peers during live classes. However, teachers can more readily gauge the students’ grasp of specific content and tailor lessons so that everyone understands the material.

Furthermore, in cases where students do vocalize their questions, teachers can immediately clarify the topic for the benefit of the entire class – deepening everyone’s understanding and making classes more productive. Students are more likely to misunderstand answers to questions about pre-recorded lessons during delayed back-and-forth communication with their instructors.

Less procrastination

Pre-recorded lessons can lead to procrastination and work piling up if students do not properly manage their schedules. Recorded classes require students to be disciplined enough to complete the assigned tasks on time. Students without adequate time-management skills risk putting off their assignments, which can lead to falling behind and having trouble catching up on the material.

Live classes enable students to learn the material as their courses progress on a set schedule. In addition, a teacher’s supervision makes it much more likely that students complete their work promptly.

Premier language training in English classes online

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