Why Online Group Classes Result in Better Outcomes



Over the past few years, many people have turned to online group classes as their preferred learning method. If you have considered taking an online group class but are uncertain if they're right for you, keep reading to learn why they can result in better outcomes than their counterparts.

Peer Learning

It's true; every student is unique and will respond differently to learning in a group setting. However, peer learning is an important part of a student's education. Whether done online or in-person, learning as part of a group yields better results than studying individually. So much so that companies are using group learning in their business models, too.

"This approach helps create space for conversation, feedback and iteration. You can create more effective study materials, increase employee engagement, and encourage your teams to stick together and help each other – even if they work in different countries and time zones. While working remotely offers many benefits, there is a risk that employees will feel isolated, out of date or lose interest if companies fail to actively encourage human-to-human interaction in one form or another. This is why the peer-to-peer element of collaborative [learning] is so critical in a remote work environment."Canada Association of Team Employees

It really comes down to using interactions with others to put what you've learned into practice. 

Some of the advantages of this approach include:

  • Going over the material with others,

  • Asking fellow students questions for clarification, and

  • Recognizing if you're missing or misunderstanding any material and filling in gaps in your knowledge

Added Motivation

Larger class sizes are becoming more popular. In fact, many students work better in groups compared to one-on-one arrangements. Some believe this is due to less pressure on each student. 

In some cases, students do better when they know others are depending on them – as in group projects and team exercises. Sometimes, extra motivation is all students need to succeed.

Practice in Different Dialects

When learning a language, it's important to remember that there are different dialects and dictions. For example, let's say that two people know how to speak Filipino. The odds of them understanding each other are high. 

Now, let's consider that the Philippines has approximately 175 dialects. The odds of the two people understanding each other diminish, even slightly.

Online group classes usually have no limitations on who can sign up. Students have the opportunity to meet many different people and hear more dialects. This broadens learning experiences without the need to leave the house.

Focused Support 

Some people believe teachers cannot provide students with one-on-one support in large groups. However, observing students in a group often provides teachers with helpful insight into how each student is doing.

At Berlitz Canada, our teachers work with each student until they feel confident in their language skills. This applies to group classes as much as individual classes across all levels of education. 

If a student requires extra help, our experienced teachers listen to their concerns, and together, they can come up with a solution. Teachers are not known for giving up quickly on their students – teachers of online courses are no different.

Are You Looking for Online Language Courses?

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