At Berlitz, we believe in a world without language barriers, empowering you to unlock new opportunities, cultures, and connections through the power of language. Our English speaking courses and conversational English classes are meticulously designed to immerse you in real-life scenarios, ensuring you not only learn the language but live it.

Why Choose Berlitz?

At the heart of our teaching philosophy is the Berlitz Method—an immersive language-learning technique that focuses on practical usage, cultural nuances, and conversational skills. Unlike traditional language education, our approach ensures you are speaking English from your very first class, encouraging natural language acquisition that lasts.

Types of English Speaking Classes

At Berlitz, we offer a range of dedicated speaking-focused English classes to suit all learning styles, language goals and schedules.

English speaking classes for all levels

Our range of flexible adult English speaking classes has something for everyone. From beginner to expert.

English speaking classes for beginners

Embark on your English language journey with Berlitz's English Speaking Classes for Beginners, where we make starting a new language an exciting and achievable adventure. Tailored for those at the start of their language learning path, our beginner classes focus on laying a solid foundation in English, emphasizing practical conversational skills, essential vocabulary, and basic grammar. In a welcoming and supportive environment, you'll start speaking English from day one, using the Berlitz Method to immerse yourself in the language through natural dialogue and interactive activities.

Our beginner classes are structured to build your confidence gradually, ensuring that you feel comfortable and encouraged every step of the way. With an emphasis on real-life scenarios, you'll learn to navigate everyday situations with ease, from introducing yourself and asking for directions to making purchases and expressing your needs. Our expert instructors provide personalized feedback and adapt lessons to suit the learning pace of the class, ensuring that all students develop a strong understanding of the language basics.

Whether you're learning English for travel, work, or personal enrichment, our English Speaking Classes for Beginners are the perfect starting point. You'll join a community of fellow learners, all embarking on this language learning journey together. With Berlitz, you're not just learning a language; you're gaining the keys to a global community. Start your journey to English fluency today and open up a world of opportunities.

Intermediate English Speaking Classes

Take your English to the next level with Berlitz's Intermediate English Speaking Classes, designed for learners who are ready to build on their foundational knowledge and dive deeper into the intricacies of the language. As you transition from a beginner to an intermediate level, our classes are tailored to expand your vocabulary, refine your grammatical understanding, and enhance your conversational fluency. In these sessions, you'll engage in more complex dialogues, explore a broader range of topics, and start to express your thoughts and opinions with greater confidence and accuracy.

Our Intermediate English Speaking Classes emphasize practical language use in real-world contexts, allowing you to improve your listening and speaking skills through debates, presentations, and extended discussions. You'll learn to navigate various social, professional, and academic situations with ease, gaining the ability to communicate more effectively with native speakers. Our experienced instructors provide targeted feedback and strategies to help you overcome common language barriers, focusing on idiomatic expressions, nuanced grammar, and advanced pronunciation techniques.

With Berlitz's Intermediate English Speaking Classes, you'll not only enhance your language abilities but also deepen your cultural understanding, preparing you for a global environment. Whether you aim to advance in your career, pursue further education, or simply enrich your personal growth, these classes offer a comprehensive and immersive approach to language learning. Join us to continue your journey towards English proficiency, where new challenges lead to greater achievements and confidence in your language skills.

Advanced English Speaking Classes

Elevate your language mastery with Berlitz's Advanced English Speaking Classes, where we cater to those who have a strong foundation in English and are eager to achieve the highest levels of fluency and proficiency. These classes are designed to refine your language skills to a near-native level, focusing on advanced conversational techniques, complex grammatical structures, and nuanced vocabulary. In this stage, you will engage in sophisticated discussions on a wide range of topics, from cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions to abstract concepts and industry-specific terminology.

Our Advanced English Speaking Classes challenge you to perfect your pronunciation, enhance your listening skills, and articulate your thoughts with precision and elegance. Through debates, presentations, and critical analysis of texts, you'll gain the confidence to communicate effectively in any setting, whether in academic, professional, or social contexts. Our expert instructors provide personalized feedback, pushing you to stretch your abilities and embrace the subtleties of the language.

As you journey through our advanced classes, you'll also deepen your cultural understanding, becoming more adept at navigating cross-cultural communication with ease. Berlitz's Advanced English Speaking Classes are not just about language learning; they're about enriching your global perspective and opening doors to new opportunities. Join us to refine your English to the highest standard and unlock your full potential in the global arena.

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