French Classes for Adults with Berlitz

Embark on a journey of language and culture with Berlitz's French classes for adults, designed to open doors to new opportunities and enrich your understanding of the world. At Berlitz, we believe in providing a learning experience that caters to your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle. Whether you're taking your first steps into the French language or looking to polish your fluency, our comprehensive range of courses across Canada is here to guide you every step of the way.

With locations in most major cities across the country, finding a Berlitz centre near you is easy. Our classes are as flexible as they are diverse, offering everything from immersive in-person sessions that bring the language to life, to convenient online courses that fit into your busy schedule. Choose from private one-on-one lessons for personalized attention or join our group classes to learn alongside peers who share your enthusiasm for French. From beginner basics to advanced nuances, our curriculum is designed to challenge and engage you at every level of proficiency.

At Berlitz, we're not just teaching French; we're delivering a transformative experience that combines language learning with cultural insights. Our expert instructors, native-fluent in French, use the proven Berlitz Method to ensure you're not only learning French — you're living it. Ready to start your language-learning adventure? Discover the perfect French class for you with Berlitz.

What will you learn in our adult French classes?

Our adult French classes are your gateway to a new language. The initial module lays the foundation of French, equipping learners with the ability to engage in basic conversations for daily interactions. Instruction begins in French from the outset, ensuring that students start practicing the language immediately. This immersive approach not only keeps the learning process engaging but also builds communicative confidence right from the start.

Berlitz Level 1 | CEFR Level A 1

  • Describe other people and ask for descriptions
  • Say the date, time, and days of the week
  • Introduce oneself with personal details such as name, address, and phone number
  • Give and ask for directions
  • Make calls and receive or leave short messages
  • Describe seasons and weather

Berlitz Level 2 | CEFR Level A 2.1

  • Discuss the weather and seasons in detail
  • Describe your work area and professional activities
  • Talk about vacation plans and plan trips abroad
  • Make reservations and appointments
  • Talk about your favorite food
  • Describe where you live and your house

Berlitz Level 3 | CEFR Level A 2.2

  • Make leisure plans with family and friends
  • Talk about hobbies and favorite leisure activities
  • Plan budgets and projects
  • Order and describe the food at restaurants
  • Talk about movies and ordering tickets

Berlitz Level 4 | CEFR Level A 2.3

  • Apologize and ask for a favor
  • Talk about news and discuss current topics
  • Describe personal and work skills
  • Talk about finances
  • Describe future plans

Types of Adult French Classes

At Berlitz, we offer a range of adult French classes to suit all learning styles, language goals and schedules.

Adult French classes for all levels

Our range of flexible adult French courses has something for everyone. From beginner to expert.

Adult French courses for beginners

Embark on your language learning journey with our Adult French Courses for Beginners, designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of the French language in a welcoming and supportive environment. These courses are perfect for those starting from scratch, covering essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and everyday phrases to build a solid foundation in French. Our experienced instructors employ the Berlitz Method to ensure you're actively engaging with the language from day one, emphasizing practical communication skills that you can use in real-life situations. With a focus on building confidence and making learning accessible, these beginner courses offer a gentle yet effective introduction to the beautiful French language, setting the stage for your continued learning and mastery.

Intermediate French for Adults

Elevate your language skills with our Intermediate French Courses for Adults, tailored for those who are ready to build upon their foundational knowledge and delve deeper into the complexities of the French language. These courses are designed to refine your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and improve your conversational abilities, enabling more fluid and nuanced communication. Through a mix of interactive lessons, practical exercises, and cultural immersion, our expert instructors will guide you through the intricacies of intermediate French, focusing on both accuracy and fluency. You'll engage in more sophisticated dialogues, explore a wider range of topics, and start to express yourself with greater confidence and ease. Perfect for learners looking to navigate French-speaking environments more effectively, these courses will prepare you for advanced studies and real-world interactions.

Advanced Adult French Classes

Take your French proficiency to the highest level with our Advanced Adult French Classes, designed for learners who wish to achieve near-native fluency and deeply understand the nuances of the language. These classes delve into advanced grammar, sophisticated vocabulary, and complex conversational scenarios, challenging you to refine your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you'll explore thematic topics, cultural nuances, and idiomatic expressions that bring you closer to thinking and expressing yourself like a native speaker. Our advanced courses provide a rich, immersive experience, encouraging critical thinking and spontaneous communication in French. Perfect for those who seek to use French professionally, academically, or for personal enrichment, these classes are your gateway to mastering the language in all its depth and beauty.

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