Our online platform provides cultural and business information designed to give you a competitive edge in global business.

The Cultural Navigator offers a unique learning experience that can be personalized based on your business interests, career path, and educational goals.

Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI)

Take the industry-leading, psychometrically validated assessment tool.

You will develop a greater sense of self-awareness with the Cultural Orientations Indicator. This assessment evaluates your cultural preferences at work and how these relate to your sense of self, thinking style, and interaction style.

Understand your personal cultural preference

Discover how cultural differences can impact the global business

Identify potential cultural challenges

Get strategies to navigate cultural differences, attitudes, and disputes

Collaborate more effectively with clients

Learn how to navigate different cultural norms and business practices

Our experienced trainers will select course material in line with your career and personal learning goals. This guarantees you will learn in an environment reflecting real-world scenarios relevant to true-to-life situations you will experience along your career journey.

Cultural Navigator - benefits:

You will learn how to best work on diverse and inclusive teams - compare employees' and teams' cultural profiles.

You will receive personalized advice and coaching on how to address cultural challenges and collaborate more effectively:

  • customized learning paths with progress tracking
  • over 100 detailed country guides
  • interactive activities created by a team of international subject matter experts

Fit learning around your organization:

  • the Cultural Orientations Indicator assessment - available in 12 languages
  • optimized for desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • customized to your organization
  • designed to empower both employers and employees

The Cultural Navigator is the ideal tool to help your organization foster a culture of diversity, drive business value and create strong connections around the world.

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