Learn Swedish like a native with our Swedish language courses. Our native-fluent language instructors will help you immerse yourself in the Swedish language and communicate naturally in real-life situations.

Our Swedish language courses can also be customized to suit your lifestyle, so you can achieve your personal goals. Choose from our online and in-person courses.

Benefits of learning Swedish with Berlitz

  • You will be speaking Swedish from your very first lesson using our immersive Berlitz Method.
  • You can choose from our variety of classes, based on which one suits you the best.
  • Our courses are available for all ages: children, teens, and adults.
  • Our Swedish language instruction will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to use the language in different situations.
  • Our language instructors will always give you feedback to improve your skills.

Online Swedish lessons

If you live a busy life, our online Swedish lessons were made for you. Berlitz offers online Swedish courses, giving you the freedom to learn where and when you would like to. The Online Swedish lessons are easily customizable to your schedule. Studying Swedish online will give you the same effective and immersive way of learning as our in-person course without commuting to classes.

In-person Swedish lessons

In-person Swedish lessons take place in our Berlitz language center.

Our professional instructors are native-fluent speakers, who will only communicate with you in Swedish to encourage natural conversation skills and fast-track your language development.

Why learn Swedish?

With a population of 10 million people, Swedish is the most spoken Scandinavian language today. Whether you are interested in traveling to Sweden to see its natural scenery or to speak with your colleagues in their native language, Berlitz has the perfect course for you.

Find out more

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