When learning Italian, understanding the cultural nuances of the language can be just as important as understanding the language itself. That’s why Berlitz Italian lessons will equip you not only with a thorough understanding of the language but with the cultural know-how to navigate conversations skillfully and naturally in any business or social situation.

Benefits of learning Italian with Berlitz

  • Choose to study Italian in pairs, in groups, alone, online, whatever works best for your learning style, budget, and goals.
  • You can combine your in-person classes with online sessions, to form a hybrid schedule offering the best of both worlds.
  • Classes are available for all ages: children and adults.
  • We offer Italian language learning programs for companies wishing to help employees learn Italian fast.
  • You will be communicating in Italian from the first class using our proven effective Berlitz Method.

Online Italian lessons

Learning Italian online with Berlitz gives you the flexibility to fit learning around your life, cutting the commute and saving you time and energy.

Thanks to live interactive video classes, you still get the usual immersive Berlitz learning experience, from the comfort of your home, office, park, coffee shop, or anywhere with a strong internet connection.

In-person Italian lessons

Study Italian in a more structured classroom style, at your local Berlitz language center. Under the expert guidance of a native-fluent Italian instructor, you will learn in language to encourage natural conversation skills and fast-track your language development.

Find out if there is a Berlitz language center near you to explore in-person class options.

Why learn Italian?

A beautiful and vibrant language, Italian is spoken by around 70 million people worldwide. Perfect for travelers, learning Italian helps you to appreciate the sights, history, and culinary delights that Italy has to offer. Knowing the language also makes it easier to get around Italy on transport, book tours, communicate with accommodation providers, find amenities, and order food. If you are an avid cook, lover of the arts, history, literature, or fashion, learning Italian will also help you tap into and explore your interest on a deeper level.

Find out more

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