Learning a foreign language is the key to your children's success. Our language summer camps in Europe are a great way to get your child on the path to success. Organized by our partners UCPA and Telligo, during the summer holidays, our programs offer a linguistic experience in the heart of a country to practice a language and become immersed in its culture.

Our programs allow students to stay in a large European city where the days alternate between language courses with Berlitz trainers and cultural discoveries with the Telligo or UCPA teams.

Telligo is a member of the National Guarantee Office for Linguistic and Educational Stays, Telligo is labeled 'Quality Contract'.

Berlitz and its partners offer you these language stays in various European countries.

As in France, teachers follow Berlitz's exclusive method, which focuses on oral practice and communication around the themes linked to each stay.

The rest of the time, the Telligo or UCPA teams show young people the cultural highlights of their destination.

All Berlitz campuses in France are organized and declared by our respective partners to the Ministry in charge of Youth and Sports. For more information about our summer language program abroad, contact us via our contact form below.