Start with simple videos

There are tons of free videos on YouTube that provide very basic English lessons. These videos generally cover basic words, phrases and English verbs. Even if you have an understanding of English, these videos are great refreshers. They will also help you get used to learning online. If you’ve never used the internet to learn a new skill, these basic videos are great introductions, especially if you do already have a basic understanding of English.

Find an English social media influencer to follow

The best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language. When learning on your own, one way to do this is to read or listen to English daily. To stay engaged and interested in the content, it is best to find a social media influencer to follow. It could be someone in fashion, food, sports, music or any topic. The great thing about influencers on social media is they generally post new content daily, with many of them posting multiple times a day. This provides more than enough content to interact with. Once you begin gaining confidence reading the content, you can also start interacting with comments to further your learning.

Register for an English language subscription

If you want to learn English on your own, you are probably not interested in a full online English course. But there are also hybrid English courses that give you the flexibility to learn on your own, while also providing support when you get stuck or have questions. You can certainly learn a lot of English completely on your own, but if your goal is to become fluent or to hold a conversation with a native speaker, you will need to interact with an instructor. An English subscription like Berlitz Flex is the best way to learn on your own, but still have access to a professional instructor to continue to progress in your English language journey.

Use free language apps to track progress

There are hundreds of free language apps available. And while they may not be great for progressing to fluency, they do provide some benefits. They offer fun lessons that help learn the basics of English. They also have engaging tracking features that can help to keep you focused on learning. When you decide to learn English on your own, one of the most challenging things you will encounter is maintaining a schedule. With a free language app, you can set reminders to make sure you keep learning each day.

If you’ve always been interested in learning English, but you’ve never been able to get started, right now could be the perfect time to start learning on your own. With more flexible language learning options, easier access to information and advances in technology, learning English is literally at your fingertips. With the tips above, you can get started on your English language journey today!