Why beginners should learn Arabic with Berlitz

Arabic classes for beginners with Berlitz feature both language and culture training, which means as you are learning the pillars of the language, you will also be learning how to use the language in real-world situations. Using our proven immersive language learning Berlitz Method, you will only speak Arabic during your classes where you will be speaking directly with a Berlitz-certified native-level speaker. This method of language learning will give you the skills you need to be confident using Arabic with other native speakers

The Arabic language has many cultural nuances and with Berlitz, you will have the opportunity to focus on these aspects of using the language in your classes. Based on your timeline and goals, you can select a completely custom beginner Arabic course that will allow you to dictate the specifics of what you want to learn to allow you to achieve your goals faster.

What will you learn in our Arabic for beginners course?

Our basic or beginner course consists of four levels of proficiency. After completing each of these levels, you will be able to do the following:

Berlitz Level 1 | CEFR Level A 1

  • Introduce yourself to new people
  • Order food in a restaurant
  • Describe your work and your basic field of work
  • Make an appointment, ask questions, and give the time of day
  • Ask for directions
  • Go shopping and ask about prices
  • Make calls, receive and leave simple messages

Berlitz Level 2 | CEFR Level A 2.1

  • Plan and talk about your next trip
  • Describe your responsibilities and those of your work colleagues
  • Contact a doctor, state your symptoms, and order medication
  • Talk about your hobbies
  • Describe where you live and what your home and city are like

Berlitz Level 3 | CEFR Level A 2.2

  • Make plans with friends and family and suggest places to meet them
  • Describe vacation plans and leisure activities
  • Buy event tickets
  • Talk about transportation
  • Ask about budgets and project specifications

Berlitz Level 4 | CEFR Level A 2.3

  • Participate in social activities
  • Ask others for favors
  • Apologize
  • Describe personal skills and work competencies
  • Talk about current news
  • Describe future plans

Further Arabic levels

Intermediate Arabic
You will learn to carry on uncomplicated conversations in Arabic in social and professional situations and talk about familiar topics. You will also be able to hold sustained conversations with others on a broad variety of topics.

Professional Arabic
You will carry on complex and sophisticated conversations and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences on diverse familiar as well as new topics. You will be able to speak Arabic confidently in most situations in a personal, academic, or professional setting.

Berlitz offers Arabic for beginners courses for everyone

In these courses, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Arabic language and interact with other students at the same level. Our instructors will support you, so that you can develop and improve your skills every day.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Berlitz offers a variety of language courses to meet your personal language training needs. This means you don't waste valuable time on topics that are irrelevant to your professional development.

Anyone can learn Arabic anywhere, thanks to our extensive online offering. With the help of innovative tools, we create the framework to enable independent learning. This means you can learn Arabic live in the Berlitz Online Classroom even when you're on the go.

The fastest way to learn Arabic is in our online private lessons. There, your own speaking portion is maximized, you enjoy the full attention of the language trainer and can arrange the lessons according to your wishes. If you would like to practice Arabic in addition to the lessons, we recommend that you also complete the exercises on our self-study platform Berlitz Connect Classic.

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