Individual instruction with Berlitz Live Online

Premium one-on-one online language courses in real time with an experienced, native-fluent Berlitz instructor. You’ll soon be able to communicate easily and effectively in your target language. Whether you want to learn Italian, English, Spanish, French or any other language and no matter where you’re located.

The benefits of individual instruction with Berlitz Live Online:

  • One-on-one, live, online language instruction with tried-and-tested Berlitz quality
  • Same learning content as on-site courses
  • Lessons can be scheduled flexibly online
  • Virtual tools and lesson recording for preparation and follow-up
  • Focus on your language-learning needs and goals – your personal learning path and instructor bring you to your desired objective
  • Learn English, Italian, Spanish, French, German or any language online

The future of language training

Modern technology in conjunction with the proven Berlitz Method ensures a flexible, uncomplicated and success-oriented learning experience. Conducted by native-fluent speaker instructors in real-time as individual or group instruction and 100% in the target language, Berlitz Live Online allows you to gain more language skills anywhere you are.