Employee training credits

Berlitz, due to the expertise of its specialists in Financed Linguistic and Managerial Training, offers complete assistance to companies in all phases of the process for requesting funding.

The service:

Berlitz, together with a partner company, accompanies your business in choosing and obtaining funding for training activities for their staff through all stages of the process: from the choice of the Fund to the personalization and organization of interventions, from the presentation of the loan application to the Fund for the administrative management, monitoring and reporting of the project.

Why choose Berlitz for the financed training of your employees and managers 

  • Fundable courses
    All Berlitz language courses can be financed through the main Interprofessional Joint Funds
  • ISO Certification
    Berlitz is a UNI EN ISO sector EA37 certified for the provision of funded language training.
  • Funds 
    Companies that choose us can to join a Fund to finance the continuous training of employees, we can recommend the best inter-professional fund for each client.
  • Management Plans
    Berlitz is able to support companies in all phases of management of the funded plan, from design to reporting: needs analysis, design of the training plan, regular monitoring of courses with detailed reporting, assistance during reporting with preparation of the required documentation, dedicated project manager to follow the project and reach the set goal.

    All our training plans are developed with an approach aimed at quality and the achievement of results, minimizing the operational involvement of client companies.

    Contact us for all the information and to make an appointment with our consultants.

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