Our in-person language training is ideal for companies that need to train their staff and collaborators in English, or any other language, for business. Our in-person lessons can take place onsite or in one of our language centers around Italy.

In-person language training for companies

All our lessons are catered to your company’s specific needs. Whether you require English training for an executive being relocated or an employee who is part of a remote team, we have you covered. Additionally, your employees will develop the cultural understanding required to work efficiently as part of a multicultural team or with clients around the world.

Business English workshops

Take two days away from your work routine to dive into an intensive English course focusing on the topic of your choice. Packed with authentic content and realistic role-playing, this intensive course is for a group of up to six participants to actively practice their English skills.

With a clear focus on a specific professional topic that is essential to your career, our Business English workshops are the ideal alternative to our regular language courses. You can apply your new language skills on the job immediately. We offer a large number of courses for specialized professional needs and specific sectors.

We offer a large number of courses for specialized professional needs and specific sectors. Here are just a few possible workshop topics:

Business English for key qualifications:

  • Speaking on the phone in English
  • Presenting in English
  • English for emails
  • Meetings in English

Business English for your department:

  • English for Customer Service
  • English for Accounting

Business English for your industry:

  • English for the automotive industry
  • English for consulting engineers
  • English for legal professionals

Berlitz in-person courses offer:

Content: A wide range of topics to choose from – from tried-and-tested standard courses to customized in-house solutions for your employees.

Language level: Before starting training, we test the proficiency of all participating employees so we can offer the best possible instruction in line with their language level.

Corporate services: We work with you to develop a training plan that aligns with your scheduling and budget requirements as well as your employees’ learning goals. We support your HR department throughout the entire process: planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation.

An Italy-wide team of advisors: Whether you represent a small or medium-sized enterprise or a global corporation, our team of advisors across Italy is always there for you. And we're also happy to look after your international continuing education project that extends beyond the borders of Italy.

Integrated competencies: In addition to languages, intercultural competence and targeted business skills are the key to successfully communicating in an international environment. Berlitz is a single source for meeting your needs in all three skill areas.

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