Fun with languages from elementary to high school

Fun is the biggest motivator for young people – and this also applies when learning a new language. For this reason, our language programs are designed in such a way that kids and teens are actively involved from day one. For example, through exciting role-playing activities, language games, varied exercises and coverage of age-appropriate topics. Swotting up on vocabulary and grammar is taboo!

Berlitz has vast experience in implementing language programs in schools. We teach young learners of all ages, from elementary school or high school. Our kids and teens representatives attend Parents’ Association meetings to advise and answer parents’ their questions, taking their suggestions into consideration for course plans.

Language courses at the school

For pupils in school, language training with a native-fluent instructor is a fantastic complement to their regular English schooling. Our native-fluent instructors will visit your school and draw the kids playfully into the language with games and other fun activities. Experience either a weekly program over the school year, or intensive language training in a project week for the whole class.

Berlitz kids and teens school programs feature

  • Age-appropriate content 
  • Qualified native-fluent speaking teachers specializing in child education 
  • Kids are encouraged to speak the majority of the time during lessons 
  • Self-study support through student book, workbook, CD and multimedia activities

Continuous improvement and long-term success

The Berlitz Method immerses your child in the target language, guaranteeing quick, lasting results no matter what their level of proficiency is at the start of the program.

Registration and quality control

Parents can download our PDF enrolment forms easily, directly from the school website. Berlitz handles all the placement tests and assigns students to a group based on their age and test results. The Berlitz trainers receive lesson observations and instruction on each group by the Head of Studies. Every semester, pedagogical reports are sent to families by email. At the end of the course, students take a final exam and we issue a report that includes their overall grade.

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