Berlitz Flex

Speak English fluently, with online self-study lessons and one-on-one coaching from Berlitz instructors.

Berlitz Connect

Berlitz Connect platform is an online, self-study platform that allows you to learn a language by yourself, at your own pace, at your own time, and from anywhere in the world.

Berlitz Connect language self-study platform

Your lessons begin with an online survey to determine your level and language needs. Berlitz Connect e-learning platform offers you round-the-clock access to lessons tailored to your specific interests and preferred topics, featuring numerous interactive exercises, a pronunciation trainer, a memorization tool, and much more. And in our new gaming area, you can collect points for your hard work and test your skills against other members of the Berlitz Connect community. Just moved to Italy? Now you can learn Italian by yourself!

Just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with our self-study platform:

  • Interactive, affordable, 24/7 self study online learning with maximum flexibility
  • Online language audit including language placement test, needs analysis, and selection of professional field
  • Learn language with more than 800 training modules; tailored content available for 218 professions and 20 industries
  • Detailed progress reports
  • Fun community competitions for additional motivation
  • Large selection of languages: English, Spanish, French and German

Berlitz Connect mobile app

If you are learning English, Spanish, French, or German, the Berlitz Connect app offers short mobile training modules – grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension exercises which are available both on- and offline. Berlitz Connect is available in the Classic and Live versions.

Your additional benefit

Berlitz Connect offers you access to English conversation classes held in real-time in the virtual classroom with a maximum of eight participants, 24/7, with no advance reservation needed.