We offer you a wide variety of flexible solutions to learn Croatian to get the best out of your course. Thanks to our modern and dynamic learning methods, you can make rapid learning progress at Berlitz. Either if you prefer to learn individually or in a group, online or in-person, we have Croatian lessons to suit your needs.

Benefits of learning Croatian with Berlitz

  • Learning through immersion is the fastest way to learn and understand a language.
  • Our private courses give you the possibility to have a schedule of your own choosing
  • You can insert the Croatian lessons comfortably into your busy life.

Online Croatian classes

At Berlitz, we offer you different online training formats so that you can choose which course fits your learning style. You can learn Croatian in a completely flexible and independent with our online classes. All you need to learn Croatian online is a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access and a headset.

In-person Croatian classes

The Croatian in-person language courses take place in one of our Berlitz language schools with a native-fluent language instructor. We have optimized our learning methods and developed completely new, innovative learning techniques so that course participants can achieve long-lasting success even faster.

Our private in-person Croatian lessons are tailored to your schedule and learning style so that you can learn the language from day one. One-on-one classes are ideal for you if you prefer personal tuition, want to learn at your own pace, and want maximum opportunities to speak and practice.

In-person group lessons allow you to learn and interact in the Croatian language in a positive environment. If you particularly enjoy learning with other participants and want to learn a new language quickly and in a concentrated manner, then group lessons are the right choice for you.

Why learn Croatian?

Croatia is well-known for its seaside and for the mountains. Learning the language would be a great way to communicate with the locals next time you visit the country. Also, after learning the basics of the Croatian language, you can learn similar languages ​​like Serbian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian faster.