Learn Polish with Berlitz and get fluent in your new language. With the Berlitz Method, you won't only learn the language, but you will also get the cultural understanding and the comprehensive linguistic skillset. Practice real-life situations with our native-fluent instructors to achieve the goals you want.

Benefits of learning Polish with Berlitz

  • We combine linguistic and cultural knowledge in our Polish lessons to give you a comprehensive understanding of real-life situations.
  • You can study in a group or private classes, in-person, or online.
  • You will speak in Polish from your first class.

Online Polish classes

A significant advantage of online one-to-one tuition is that these language courses give you enough freedom to organize your time and set your own learning pace. You decide how quickly you want to achieve your learning goals. You will be taught the same learning content as in face-to-face lessons - regardless of where you are.

In-person Polish classes

You can learn Polish in-person with our individual or group classes. Practice your new language and real-life situation with your Berlitz instructor. Exchange learning tips with your peers, motivate and inspire each other.

Why learn Polish?

Poland is a safe country to travel to and it's getting more and more tourists every year because it has a long, complex history. Also, it is easier to learn other Slavic languages ​​when you already speak Polish. By taking Polish lessons, new career opportunities could open up for you.