Prepare your employees for the global market

Our cultural competency training solutions are developed to equip global leaders with the skills they need for business success. They provide personnel at all levels of an organization with the necessary communication skills, intercultural agility and inclusive leadership skills to successfully achieve their objectives in a complex global environment.

Benefits of cultural competency training for your organization

Our programs are designed to drive results

Cultural competency training from Berlitz is about more than simply providing information about culture. Our programs are designed to drive actionable results for your organization that will improve your opportunities in the global market. 

We've designed our programs to address issues that many businesses and organizations deal with, including:​

  • Intercultural Business Skills (country specific)​
  • Maximizing Team Performance​
  • Global Perspectives (regional specific)​
  • Coaching for frequent travelers​
  • Country Briefings and Regional Area Studies (Military and Government Agencies)​
  • International Relocation Assignment​
  • Cultural Fast Track – virtual (2-4 hours)​
  • Repatriation​
  • Youth Relocation

How our cultural competency training programs work

Our programs can be delivered online or in-person. Both options are delivered with a live, real-time instructor.

Both options can be adjusted for full and half day delivery. 

Text about how we put together custom solutions based on the needs and goals of the client.

Discuss how we provide results and data from the training, as well as how we help guide customers with using that data to create real solutions to improve their organization.

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