Improve your organizational culture

With ongoing, rapid globalization, organizations now have the ability to attract talent from across the world. But with these new opportunities come new challenges. The more diverse your workplace is, the more cultural gaps can drive wedges between colleagues, partners and clients. At Berlitz, our culture training solutions provide powerful, customized tools to maximize performance across cultures and reduce risk for your business.

With the culture training solutions offered by Berlitz, you will learn the best way to leverage cultural differences and similarities to get the most out of every employee and to make your business attractive to global talent and clients.

Benefits of culture training for your organization

The Six Levels of Culture

All Berlitz cultural training programs address the six levels of culture that impact people’s work-style preferences.

Cross Cultural Training for Business

  • National/Societal - What many people think of as the only type of culture, national cultures are the result of their country’s social, political and economic history.
  • Social Identity Group - Each ethnic, religious, social or demographic group in any given place has its own cultural norms.
  • Organizational - Organizations have their own unique cultures, often reflecting the vision and mission of the organization’s founders or current leaders.
  • Functional - Within each organization, functions have their own cultures. For example, the IT department might have a different culture than the marketing department.
  • Team - Building a team is not an easy task, even if the team’s members are all in the same department or have the same goals. The team leader is often the driver of their team’s culture.
  • Individual (inter and intra-personal) - Each person has their own unique culture, the result of their upbringing, education, career experiences, etc.

How our culture training programs work

The first step in developing a culture training program is to determine the needs of your organization. During the consultation phase, we will work with you to learn more about your business or organization and to define the specific training needs you have. 

Based on your needs, we will develop a culture training solution that directly addresses those needs. The training program we develop will provide solutions to the specific needs you have and will focus on outcomes that will positively impact your business. 

With the program developed, we will then work with you to determine the best way to deliver the training. We can provide online or on-site training, as well as full and half day programs. 

Once the training is completed, we will provide you with the data and results to make actionable decisions for your business. We will also work to determine any additional opportunities for further training that might benefit your business. 

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