Creating a more inclusive workplace benefits employees and employers

The modern workplace brings people together from all walks of life, including different religions, languages, races, lifestyles, locations and so much more. And while this transformation has allowed organizations to improve the talent pool, it has also brought on new challenges for creating an inclusive workplace where every employee feels comfortable and accepted.

Berlitz’s cultural diversity training is designed to provide supervisors and managers with the skills necessary to create a work environment that can accommodate staff from various backgrounds. These skills allow your business to reach its full potential by embracing the unique strengths of your diverse workforce.

Benefits of diversity training for your organization

Understanding the different types of diversity in the workplace

Our cultural diversity training programs are designed to bring awareness and understanding to all forms of diversity in the workplace, which extend far beyond simply where people are from or their ethnicity. 

To truly provide an inclusive workplace where all employees are empowered, organizations need to be aware of all the different aspects of diversity. 

  • Disabilities
  • Age
  • Pay
  • Genetic information
  • National origin
  • Race/color
  • Religion
  • Sex/gender
  • Sexual orientation

Our DEI programs address all forms diversity

Beyond just being aware of the different forms of diversity in the workplace, our DEI programs seek to dive into how these behaviors are demonstrated and how they impact other employees. 

Our cultural diversity training programs include lessons about topics including:

  • Accelerating inclusion​
  • Inclusive leadership​
  • Unconscious bias​
  • Microaggressions​
  • Race relations ​
  • Intersectionality​
  • Inclusive feedback – Constructive conversations​
  • Gender and generations​
  • Developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies​

How our diversity training programs work

Our programs can be delivered online or in-person. Both options are delivered with a live, real-time instructor.

Both options can be adjusted for full and half day delivery. 

Once the training is completed, we will provide you with the data and results to make actionable decisions for your business. We will also work to determine any additional opportunities for further training that might benefit your business. 

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