If you especially enjoy learning with others and wish to learn a new language with speed and focus, our group language courses are the right choice for you. Small groups offer greater interaction with your instructor and classmates, so you can start having conversations from day one.

Work towards a common goal

Joining a Berlitz group class can help you stay motivated and offers an affordable alternative to private classes. With plenty of room to practice your new language, our group classes also offer quick and continuous progress in your learning.

You have the choice of four group language course formats:

Semi-private Group

Perfect for couples, friends, or colleagues - our Semi-Private classes (of 2 or 3 people) allows you to learn fast in a fun, motivating group dynamic - at a very attractive rate.

Intensive Group 

Faster learning progress in small groups of a maximum of 4-6 students. Study German, French, Italian and other languages with daily lessons or several evening lessons per week.

Berlitz Class

Meet like-minded participants who motivate each other and have fun with the language. Regular group language lessons composed of up to 7-10 people at your Berlitz Center will allow you to achieve your personal language goal easily and rapidly.

Business Workshops

Goal oriented programs to focus on specific business topics for an attractive price, with a class size of a maximum of just 4-6 students. These classes consist of 8 lessons per day over 2 days and are offered in English, German or French.


  • For English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian
  • Small groups and participants at similar levels of proficiency
  • Motivating group dynamics
  • Attractive rates
  • Focus on general or business language

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