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Learn your chosen language the way it suits you best: online in individual training, in a group, or with e-learning. Our motivated Berlitz trainers are always there live and will effectively help you achieve your language goals.

Choose your online language course

Learn a language online quickly and confidently and simply select from the variety of instruction formats below that will equip you to achieve your language-learning goals regardless of location.

Online live instruction - Berlitz Virtual Classroom (Anywhere)

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (Anywhere) makes it possible for you to learn individually or in a group without having to attend a class on site. You still have scheduled lesson times and required exercises, but you can participate from wherever you are – as long as you’re online!

Self- Study Online - Berlitz Cyberteachers

Berlitz CyberTeachers is our online independent-study platform. You select your areas of focus and have round-the-clock access to your online learning modules. With CyberTeachers you can learn German, English, Spanish, Italian, or French – at your own pace and whenever it suits you.

Blended Language Learning

Are you looking to combine your online language course with another online learning option or face-to-face instruction? Berlitz lets you mix and match courses in a variety of combinations. You always have an eye on your budget and your goals.

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