Online language course and live coaching – the perfect combination

Berlitz Flex offers you maximum flexibility in learning German, English, French and Spanish. With our new online self-study program, you are not tied to a specific location and can learn at your own pace in order to achieve the language level you wish. Our experienced Berlitz instructors will provide you with targeted support in live coaching sessions that follow the Berlitz Method.

The result is genuine blended learning with a well-defined learning path and lessons that build on each other. Achieve real progress from one language level to the next!

Program components

Selected features of Berlitz Flex

Personal learning path

    To ensure methodical and structured learning, you can work through a planned sequence of individual self-study lessons, live coaching sessions, review lessons, checkpoints, and cultural lessons.

Live coaching sessions

    The 1:1 live coaching sessions with your Berlitz trainer last 25 minutes each. In these sessions, you will receive direct feedback and assistance for optimal learning progress.

Modern voice recognition

One of the true highlights of Berlitz Flex is automatic voice recognition. Practice your active speaking and pronunciation whenever you like – using full sentences, not just individual vocabulary words.


  • Effective combination of self-study and live coaching sessions
  • Learn online at your own pace, wherever you are
  • Content and material follow the trusted Berlitz Method
  • Innovative speech recognition
  • For Berlitz English, Berlitz German, Berlitz French and for Berlitz Spanish levels 1 to 8 (CEFR A1-B2.1)
  • Clearly structured learning path leads to the achievement of the next Berlitz Level
  • Login via the new MyBerlitz student portal

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