Cambridge exams - a unique range of English tests

Thanks to extensive research and their expertise, Cambridge’s diverse proficiency exams are today recognized and accredited all over the world.

The practice-related tests - often better known by their abbreviations like KET (Key English Test), PET (Preliminary English Test) or BEC (Business English Certificate) - cover a wide range of proficiency levels from basic to native-speaker level. The tests are all geared to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and accredited by some 15,000 institutions worldwide (employers, universities, governments) as proof of language skills. Although Cambridge is in Great Britain, the exams also test international variations of English. So in the listening comprehension exercises, as well as British English you will also hear voices from Australia, South Africa and North America, for example.

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The benefits of preparing for and undertaking a Cambridge test:

  • Broadly recognized certification which can be used at many institutions worldwide as proof of language proficiency. Many Cambridge proficiency exams are suitable for study and visa applications.
  • We provide you with assistance in selecting the right test and level for your needs
  • We offer highly effective individual preparation with suitable learning media and materials
  • High scheduling flexibility
  • Many Cambridge tests can also be taken online

Which Cambridge test is the right one for me?

Before you decide on an exam, we assess your current language level with an oral test at a Berlitz Center to help you select the test that's right for you. Once we have determined the right exam, we prepare you for it in flexible and efficient individual lessons. You then quickly acquire the necessary skills and background knowledge that you need for effective exam preparation.

A1 - B1 KET - Key English Test

KET tests your comprehension of simple phrases, vocabulary and grammar. It confirms that you are able to communicate in an English-speaking country and exchange important information. It is especially suitable for people with limited proficiency in English, who wish to spend time abroad.

A2 - B1 PET - Preliminary English Test

PET is aimed at people with a solid basic level of English who can easily conduct a conversation. It confirms that you have a practical command of English for work, study and travel. PET programs are very popular with those wishing to improve their English skills in the areas of leisure, work and education.

B1 - B2 FCE - Cambridge First Certificate

The First Certificate in English is one of the most widely taken tests offered by Cambridge. It proves that you can use written and spoken English in everyday work and study situations and that your language skills are at a level recognized by businesses, public authorities and educational institutions. FCE is the ideal test if you want to work or study in an English-speaking country.

B2 - C2 CAE - Cambridge English Advanced

The Certificate in Advanced English is recognized throughout the world by over 6,000 educational institutions, companies and government agencies. It confirms that you can use the English language in professional and academic contexts at a high level. The CAE authorizes you to apply at most English-language universities in the world.

C1 - C2 CPE - Cambridge Proficiency

CPE is the highest globally-recognized English certificate offered by the University of Cambridge. This diploma attests that you have mastered the English language at a very high level equivalent to a native-speaker. The CPE authorizes you to apply at any English-language university.

A2 - B1 BEC Preliminary

The intermediate BEC Preliminary test is the first of three exams at different skill levels (see also BEC Vantage and BEC Higher). It verifies that you can use English in professional situations at an intermediate level. This certificate is recommended for those seeking to work abroad or in an international company in their own country.

B2 - C1 BEC Vantage

The Business English Certificate Vantage is an examination at a higher intermediate level and the second of three skill levels (see also BEC Preliminary and BEC Higher). It shows you have the practical skills to succeed in an English-speaking international business environment. BEC Vantage is ideal for people who use English in their daily work or who want to prepare themselves for a job in an international environment.

B2 - C2 BEC Higher

The Business English Certificate Higher is an advanced level examination and the third of three skill levels (see also BEC Preliminary and BEC Vantage). It confirms that you can perform at a very high level and conduct discussions and negotiations in English in an international environment. BEC Higher is recognized by most industries and is especially recommended for people who regularly use business English at work or want to build on their BEC Vantage knowledge.


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