How to find time to learn a new language



Finding time to learn a new language with a busy schedule and family commitments, can be difficult but not impossible. At Berlitz, we understand this struggle and can help make it achievable and fast.

To make things easier for you, we offer courses with added flexibility and personalization, depending on how much time you have. Also, with our teaching techniques and the Berlitz Method, the amount of time you actually need to learn is decreased. See why Berlitz can help you learn a language around your busy schedule and some tips to help you cut down on time.

The fastest way to learn a language

Using the Berlitz Method, your instructor guides you through a process of practice and presentation to help you quickly absorb what you’ve learned and progress to the next level. Overall, the Berlitz Method helps you understand the content better and learn faster. Not convinced? Here’s more about the Berlitz Method.

Learn a language around your everyday commitments

With Berlitz, you can learn the way that suits you. You can study anytime, anywhere through our online learning platform, with lessons delivered in real-time with a live instructor. You can also practice on your own with our online self-study options. Online study is great for those that can’t make it to a learning center and are always on the go, as online study allows for you to complete your course when and where it’s suitable for you.

You can also learn in person by scheduling lessons at your nearest learning center. We’ll even come to your workplace or another location if that works for you! This is great if you like to learn in person and if this learning method helps you absorb information better and quicker.

Learning materials provided for your course and lessons are tailored to your goals, interests, and desired outcomes. No matter what option you choose, your program will be fully customized to your goals, situation, and learning style.

3 tips for finding time to learn a new language

To set yourself up for success, here are some top tips on how you can learn a new language in no time:

1. Figure out how much time you actually have

Before you even decide to look at language course options, figure out how much time you have on a weekly basis to sit down and learn. Be realistic when assessing this, as if you overestimate how much time you have, you will find it difficult to reach your goals.

Grab a calendar and cross out time that you would spend working, on transport, with family, doing housework, etc., and see how much time is left for you to begin your language learning journey.

2. Set yourself study goals

Before you start a course, set yourself goals on what you want to get from the course. The ultimate goal should not just merely be completing the course, it should be something deeper.

You might want to learn Spanish for an upcoming business trip or holiday. In this case, your goal could be to hold a conversation seamlessly for 10 minutes in Spanish by the end of the course.

Once you have finalized your goals, speak to your instructor about them, to ensure that they are aligned with what they have planned to teach you. If there is misalignment, your course can always be customized and personalized to you. After all, we are here to help you!

3. Use a study plan template

Getting a study plan that helps you keep on track with what you want to achieve will make goals more attainable. When you make your study plan, print it out and stick it up somewhere where you can see it at all times – on your desk, fridge, etc, that way you are held accountable for your study.

Study plans are proven to keep you on track and can highlight incremental achievements you have made, which will further motivate you to achieve your main goals. Use this website to create your own template or use a pre-existing one.

At the end of the day, you need to be committed to dedicating some time out of your schedule each week to successfully learn a new language.

If you are committed, Berlitz can help make learning a foreign language around your busy schedule a reality. Contact us today.