Berlitz’ online language courses give you the best of both worlds: the ability to study at your own pace, and the full support and motivation of a qualified instructor.

You’re in the driver’s seat

  • With 24/7 access to your learning, from any device, anywhere, you can control when and where you learn, at a pace that matches your goals.
  • Only have 15 minutes in between meetings? That’s not a problem. Lessons are broken up into bite-sized sessions, so you can learn whenever you have a free moment.

Real-world conversations

  • When you study a language online with Berlitz, you have loads of opportunity to practice in conversation with real people, in real time, with instant feedback.
  • Our self-paced language courses include up to 25 one-on-one sessions with Berlitz instructors, via Skype or video call. These 30-minute sessions provide a golden opportunity to ask questions, seek guidance, target specifics and get a deeper understanding of the nuances of your chosen language.
  • Having an in-language conversation with a fluent instructor is also a great chance to practice what you’ve learned and get immediate feedback on your progress.

Learn what interests you

  • We know that you learn faster and more easily when you are interested in the subject. That’s why at Berlitz, you learn through interactive activities and videos based on topics you select that interest you.
  • Just because you study a language online, does not mean you miss out on immersive learning. Your lessons use technology including voice recognition and interactive videos to fully engage you throughout your learning journey.

It’s all about you: personalized learning

  • Before you start your online language course, you’ll complete our Berlitz placement test to ensure we match you with the most appropriate learning content. So, whether you are an absolute beginner, have some language skills, or are skilled and looking to become fluent, our portal will adapt to match your level and meet your needs.
  • You can also reorganize your lessons to suit yourself and can even choose to join live instructor-led virtual group sessions scheduled throughout the day, covering topics from project management to food trends to current events.

Your Berlitz self-paced study course includes

  • Interactive online activities including videos
  • Up to 25 speaking practice sessions with Berlitz instructors
  • A placement test to match you to the appropriate level
  • Progress-tracking with measurable goals
  • 30+ speaking practice sessions topics
  • Regular mini-tests help you to track your progress
  • Access to learning materials online and offline

How you’ll learn

  1. You’ll learn through a combination of online lessons and activities that you undertake in your own time, and coaching sessions with a Berlitz instructor.
  2. Lessons include videos and practice activities to help you connect your new language to real-life contexts.
  3. Book time with an instructor to practice what you’ve learned through conversations, role-plays and debates.
  4. Along the way you’ll complete reviews to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Course details

Choose from a huge variety of over 40 languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

Online via our learning platform

Small group of up to 5 people. Also available as private lessons.

Access to the platform from 3 to 12 months

All levels

Internet connection or wifi, device