Bright certification preparation course

The Bright Test is an online language test administered by Bright Language to determine a candidate’s level of language proficiency. There are currently 11 languages available including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. The test assesses reading and oral comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, syntax and oral comprehension, and the results are valid for two years. This certification is ideal for employees in a professional context and organizations who wish to assess a candidate's language ability as part of the hiring process.

The Bright Test consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire in two parts—written comprehension and oral comprehension. Each comprises 60 questions and takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Benefits of preparing Linguaskill certification with Berlitz

  • Targeted preparation for the test format with corresponding learning content
  • Intensive private lessons with a native-fluent trainer
  • You can take the test directly at the Berlitz center on demand

What happens if I don't pass?

The Bright Certification is an assessment to help determine your language proficiency from level A1 to C2 of the CEFR, therefore you cannot fail. Upon completion of the test, you will receive a score ranging from 0 to 5. If you score 0 you are considered to be at the beginner level, while score 5 is considered highly proficient. To achieve a higher score, you will need to prepare for the test by practicing speaking, writing and comprehension to improve your vocabulary in your chosen language. You can also enrol in a training program and complete practice exams at an accredited center to become more comfortable with the types of questions you may come across during the assessment.

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