Compte personnel de formation - CPF

What is the CPF?

  • Everyone benefits from a Personal Training Account as soon as they enter working life and until their retirement.
  • The beneficiary acquires 24 hours of training per year for 5 years then 12 hours per year up to 150 hours maximum.
  • CPF training must be certifying (passing the TOEIC test, Linguaskill at the end of the training)
  • The cost of training can be covered up to 100% (OPCO, Pôle emploi, etc.)
  • Open your CPF account on the official website:

*The reform of the new training law in progress may modify the operating conditions of the CPF

Why use CPF for language courses?

With Berlitz, thanks to CPF you can learn English or any other language either on site or online. Learning a language is an asset for your career and provides you with the ability to work internationally. You’ll have the opportunity to discover and understand new cultures, and communicate with others while travelling.

All courses are possible, as long as there’s an exam in the end (eg TOEIC) provided by Berlitz.

Who's eligible?

  • Any active person aged at least 16 years, having an employee status and exercising a full-time activity on a fixed-term or permanent contract
  • Job seekers registered with Pôle-emploi
  • Young people who have left the school system and who are looking for a professional activity

Our other financing solutions

Opérateurs de Compétences (OCPO)

OCPO are organizations that help employees from small businesses (i.e. those with fewer than 50 employees) to get access to professional training. Since the 1st of April 2019, 11 OCPO replaced the former 20 OCPA. These 11 OCPO represent all the different professional branches in France, meaning that every small business is attached to one OCPO. Berlitz has built partnerships with some of these OCPO to ease processes and funding for companies.

Contrat de Sécurisation Professionnelle (CSP)

This system is accessible to all employees during the redundancy procedure, individually or collectively and those who have contributed at least 4 months to unemployment insurance during the last 28 months preceding the redundancy procedure. The purpose of the CSP is to support the employee on a journey back to work. The employee who so wishes has the option to accept or reject this device. The CSP generally takes place over a maximum period of 12 months.

L'aide individualisée à la formation (AIF)

This mechanism is used to finance training and does not need to be covered by the CSP. It is aimed at job seekers. For the implementation of this system, it is recommended to get information from your employment center advisor about its support.

Beneficiaries of CSP, CRP or CTP can also claim to use AIF.

Outplacement firms

You are looking for a job and wish to benefit from your CPF or other devices to support your training project. You are in contact with an outplacement firm for the implementation of the training. Speak directly to your consultant and ask them to call on Berlitz for your training.